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Pinellas County, Florida (CW44 News At 10) – A local star in his life-based independent film brings education, empathy, and inclusion to the workplaces of people with disabilities.

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Originally from Tampa, Sam Piazza was born with Down Syndrome. A condition in which a child is born with an extra copy of the 21st chromosome. This causes delays and disabilities in physical and mental development.

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What makes Sam unique is his abilities and achievements, much of which was achieved with the support of family and friends in the Tampa-St. Peterm area community.

After reading about Sam in the Tampa newspaper, producer Lenny Warmac says he was forced to share his story with the world. “I was just completely absorbed in him and everything he achieved, and everything he overcame in the article, and was very impressed. I went looking for his family and his I wanted to see if I could make a movie about life. “

Sam was thrilled to appear in his first film as Warmac contacted Sam and his family and shared her intention to direct a film about his life. He looks back on: When she comes from her, she just tears. You can really smile every time. “We are the same as everyone else,” said Sam, who decided to share the inclusion message with others, about himself and those with Down Syndrome.

Warmac says the film goes beyond just touching the lives of others. Today it is evolving into a complete educational program. “we believe [that] Touching your heart changes your mind. We were witnessing it happening and it wasn’t something like “this is a cute movie …”. They were very inspiring. “

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After receiving such an overwhelmingly positive critical response, Warmac and Piazza launched a fully proven program aimed at changing the way employers and employees view colleagues with disabilities. Developed.

Warmac said, “Companies can buy movie licenses. They can get an education and research guide that can be used by the facilitators of the organization, or I can promote it. With Sam. Take me. He works at PDQ on weekdays, but is usually flexible and can go with me if they want, and they always love him. “

“Empathy is the real understanding and realization of what others are experiencing, which is a big thing that our current workplace lacks,” Warmac said. ..

Sam feels that spreading awareness is the key to inclusion. He adds that companies that do not want to hire people with intellectual or mental disabilities are effectively depriving them of their independence and ultimately inclusion. “You will rob someone who really wants to work, has money in their bank account, and wants to save for something.”

Warmac says the film helps viewers better understand the day-to-day challenges of people with disabilities. “”Because of Sam It really reminds me of all aspects of Sam Piazza’s life. She wants to change the way employers view applicants with disabilities and their view of the hiring process. “Organizations participating in” Because of Sam Educational programs are truly enlightened and understand the abilities of people with disabilities rather than focusing on them. “

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Learn more about Sam, his success, and the programs he inspired.

Local Film Star Lends His Life Story To Promote Workplace Inclusion – CBS Atlanta Source link Local Film Star Lends His Life Story To Promote Workplace Inclusion – CBS Atlanta

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