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Tulsa, Oklahoma — Banner: Local food trucks share Venezuelan flavors

As Green Country celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month, a local food truck owner is taking advantage of Venezuelan heritage to establish new roots here in Tulsa.

Taco Loco is a food truck just outside the Pearl Beach Brew Pub. Known for Arepa, Venezuela.
They are iconic cornmeal cakes, usually stuffed with steaks, chicken and other fillings.

“Arepa is absolutely amazing,” said Stanley Brown. “Fresh and made on-site, but … the taste is very unique.”

This dish is a classic Venezuelan dish, but owner Anna Rivas also makes it one of Tulsa’s classic dishes.

“When you taste their food, it’s like they have a little love there. It’s so good!” Victoria Jackson said.

Rivas and her 19-year-old son, Gustavo Gonzalez, started their business last October.
It was a time when the restaurant was struggling and many were closed, but the mother and son seized the opportunity.

“I opened it in the middle of a pandemic. I wasn’t considered the wisest decision, but the secret to success is the willingness, temperament, and positiveness to make it happen. It’s going to be, “Rivas said.

Their journey to reach that dream was one of patience. Rivas is from Stillwater, only six months old, and her parents took her to Venezuela, where she spent most of her life. Six years ago, she left everything behind to come to America, including her children.

“It was pretty hard for me, I met her just every three years … it was just hard,” Gonzales said.

She moved to Tulsa in search of a better life for her and her family.

After living away from them for a long time, they finally met again after she filed a petition to take both her child and mother to the United States.

Now her son is her business partner. He is helping her run this food truck. Gonzales said there was a rough patch on the way to help mothers realize their dreams, but now they’re seeing the sacrifices pay off.

“All these three years were worth it. Now I’m happy now,” he said.

Together, this mother and son found a recipe for success. They use it to share the taste of Venezuela with Tulsa.

“Tulsa in general, especially downtown, is generally very diverse and culturally rich, which certainly brings many aspects to it. It has different kinds of tastes and cultures and you know. It shows that … to celebrate, and I know as a patron, “Brown said.

Rivas said his next goal was to open another food truck because he wanted the community to know about her traditional Arepa.

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