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Florence, South Carolina 2021-10-25 22:02:07 –

Florence, South Carolina (WBTW) —Local lawmakers are giving their thoughts and prayers after receiving reports that he is at home in hospice care. His colleague and friend, California’s 7th Senator Kent Williams, looked back on Leatherman’s legacy on Monday.

“Icon. An influential man. A politician,” Williams said.

Senator Leatherman from Florence, 90, is known as the oldest and most powerful state legislator.

“Many of the elected civil servants have achieved and cannot experience what Senator Hugh Leatherman has done,” Williams said.

Leatherman is also the driving force behind many state economic development projects, including Hugh K. Leatherman Terminal in South Carolina Port, North Charleston. It has been marked as the first container terminal in the country to open in more than 10 years.

Williams remembered the “lifetime opportunity” of 2014 when Leatherman invited him on an economic excursion to Japan with him.

“He will get up like 5am. Go to the gym. Have training and breakfast. We left the hotel around 8am and didn’t return until around 10am that night. This is every day. He wore me down. “

Williams spoke a lot about the work ethic of Leatherman, who worked side by side in the state legislature.

“I told the Vice-Governor,” Has he ever taken a break? ” He said this guy has more energy than you can believe. Everyone knew him. Everyone respected him and I learned a lot, “Williams said. “In 90 years. You know his heart is as sharp as a razor. He doesn’t stop astonishing me, and you said it’s amazing that I sign up for it today I know … absolutely, “Williams continued.

Some state senators offered their prayers to the Leatherman family.

Local lawmakers speak on Senator Hugh Leatherman’s legacy Source link Local lawmakers speak on Senator Hugh Leatherman’s legacy

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