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Hillsborough County, Florida — According St. Jude Cancer Research, Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is the most common type of childhood cancer.

And for 9-year-old Maddox and his mother Candice Arno, it’s a diagnosis they had to ask twice, not once.

“He’s so angry and sad, and he hates his life and I’m really scared of him giving up,” Candice said.

Maddox was first diagnosed in 2019 at the age of six. His mom said it started with persistent back pain and a fall at school.

“He was very strong and very brave throughout, only letting doctors and nurses do what they needed to do,” Candice said.

After more than two years of chemotherapy and other treatments, he was listed as “in remission” in August. However, the pain then recurred, leading to a life-changing doctor’s consultation.

“He says,’I think his illness is back,’ and I had to leave the room,” Candice said.

According to further research from St. Jude, this only occurs in about 15 percent of all cases. And this time, Maddox’s cancer needs more specific treatment.

“If he returns to remission, he will need a bone marrow transplant within a few months,” Candice said.

Candice says he wants more people to learn about everything, sharing the story of Maddox and the journey of recurrence. In the long run, she hopes more money will be spent on disease research. But in the short term, she says, everyday people can help younger cancer patients by enrolling in bone marrow donors and the like.

“If you spread your awareness and find that one blood bath, donate a pint of blood, if possible, over 30-60 minutes,” she said.

And when they fight to bring Maddox back into remission, she leaves a message to her other parents on the same boat.

“Be there for your kids. Make sure your other kids are involved as it affects them too. And just raise your chin and pray. Please, “she said.

I also have Candice Facebook page You can track Maddox progress and send cards and donations.

Local mom speaking out after son’s cancer relapse Source link Local mom speaking out after son’s cancer relapse

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