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Dunedin, Florida — After being stolen from home six years ago, a longtime musician and local Dunedin celebrity reunited with his favorite instrument.

Noel Cooney is well known in Dunedin, where he has lived since the 90’s.

“My wife and I bought Flanagan and she did it. I was an entertainer, but I sang all over the country,” said Noel Cooney.

He and his wife sold an Irish pub in Flanagan a few years ago, but the stage inside is still named after him.

“I tell the musicians on stage,’You notice you’re on my stage,'” Cooney said.

And the day after St. Patrick’s Day is Noel Cooney’s Day.

“I couldn’t get me out of Dunedin,” Cooney said.

He is an Irish folk singer who has been playing his favorite guitar for decades since he bought it in Ireland in 1972. Then, about six years ago, he was stolen from his house with another guitar and banjo.

“I was disappointed … part of my life was accompanied by it. I thought I would never get it back,” Cooney said.

But a few weeks ago, another local musician, Cody Hanlon, went to a pawn shop looking for the odds and end of his studio.

“I saw this guitar hanging on the wall, and I found it played a lot,” said Richard Corey guitarist Cody Hanlon.

He turned it over and saw Noel Cooney engraved on the neck plate.

“I started investigating. It turns out that he once owned a Flanagan pub. He made up the majority of the Irish community here, the Irish music community. The city of Dannyden I learned that we are hosting Noel Cooney Day. Here at Noel Cooney’s stage in Flanagan, “This is weird, this guitar, obviously someone important in this community owns and plays this guitar. I loved it. Why is it in a pawn shop? “Hanlong said. ..

So he wanted to find it and took it to Flanagan. That day, Noel’s son was in the pub and called Noel to check his guitar. Sure enough, it belonged to him.

“A part of my life is back,” Cooney said.

And now, thanks to Cody, it’s back on the right.

“He’s a very honest person and I love him,” Cooney said.

Hanlon said he was grateful that he was able to correct the mistake.

Local musician reunited with stolen guitar after 6 years Source link Local musician reunited with stolen guitar after 6 years

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