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Wichita, Kansas 2021-10-09 10:10:52 –

Wichita, K. (KSNW) – Helps people immigrate to the United States in the hope of a better family life. That was Wichita’s goal in helping to build family ties with the non-profit Kansas trauma adoption family.

Nonprofits give new hope to those who come to the United States while waiting for their legal status in the United States.

“The service is basically to address trauma that may have occurred before, during, or after arriving in the United States,” said Yeni Telles, Program Coordinator of the Japan Disaster Relief Team.

Programs have been created to help many families overcome the harsh realities they face when moving out of their homeland.

“They are expected to come to the United States, stay home and wait for the process. This process can take up to two years. The family is struggling here, so various resources within the program We connect our families through, “added Teres.

Teres says the idea began in January after she and her team saw an increase in migration.

“As we know, seeking asylum is a legal way to enter the United States. The current problem is that the process is aggressive for families coming to Wichita and many cities in our country. There is no place to be a target, “she said.

Currently, nonprofits are supporting about 20 families who have arrived in Wichita within the last two months. Teres believes it was a life-changing experience.

“Immigrants are related to experience, which is why I wanted to get into this,” Teres said.

Kansas Trauma Adopted Family Connections works with other local nonprofits to help families become self-sufficient.

“This is a very comprehensive program that addresses not only the financial needs of the family, but also the mental and physical health of the family,” Teres added.

As the United States continues to listen to refugees and other migrants coming to Kansas, Teres wants to continue and expand the services they offer.

Local non-profit created to help migrants during a time of limbo Source link Local non-profit created to help migrants during a time of limbo

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