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Local Olympian shares her ‘secret weapon’ – Kansas City, Missouri

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Kansas City, Missouri — Looking at the Olympics, it’s clear how many years of physical training these athletes have recorded.

But what many spectators may not be aware of is that many spend their time training their minds.

For some, it also includes a visit by a sport psychologist.

So did Terry Gothrow.

Recently, she has focused on sharing her passion with the next generation. Blue Springs Gothrow Martial Arts.

“I’m a full-time martial arts instructor. That’s what I do for my daily life. I love it,” said Gautreaux.

There was a time when she was training in the hope of taking taekwondo skills to the next level.

In her case, the next level was the ’92 Olympics.

But to get there, she needed to be not only physically prepared, but also mentally strong.

“So it turned out that it was my heart that stopped me. I just didn’t know what to do about it.”

That’s why she led her to Dr. Andrew Jacobs, a sports psychologist in Kansas City.

For the past 40 years, he has worked with everyone from the Royals to the Chiefs, Olympic swimmers, track and field athletes, and the entire US cycling team in 1984.

Gautreaux says he worked together for 18 months before the Barcelona Olympics.

“So we worked to build her confidence, make her feel better about herself, focus on her skills, and not worry about the outside world,” said Dr. Jacobs. “And she did very well and won the bronze medal.”

For Gautreaux, it was a dream come true. The moment she says it wouldn’t have been possible without Dr. Jacobs.

“And Dr. Jacobs has helped me a lot. I learned that your mental training for everything in life is far more powerful than what you do physically.”

The two are still in close contact, and Jacobs occasionally stops at Gothrow’s gym to talk to his students.

That is what he emphasizes. Sport psychology is not just for elite athletes. This is beneficial to competitors at all levels.

“I always want to say that I can have two physically the same athletes, but the stronger one will be at the top,” said Dr. Jacobs.

On the other hand, these are lessons that Gautreaux shares with them, reminding them to believe in themselves for the gold medal, whatever their goals.

“As you know, what I tell the kids is that I went to the Olympics,” she declared. “But every time they participate? Every tournament they participate in? That’s their Olympics. Not everyone participates in the Olympics. But every time they have a great experience somewhere? That’s it. It’s your Olympics. “

For more information on Dr. Jacobs and his practice, click here.

Local Olympian shares her ‘secret weapon’ Source link Local Olympian shares her ‘secret weapon’

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