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In last year’s school year, when and how to reopen classrooms from kindergarten to high school became a daunting issue, not only for health and education, but also for politics. Now, as the beginning of the new semester approaches, the issue of children and teens wearing masks in the classroom is emerging as a new conflict.

The newly formed parent advocacy group Kids First Kern has taken on the cause. We urge parents and other community members to oppose the recent state obligations that require all students to wear masks when they are inside.

Kids founder Shannon Boren said, “We are happy and educated by our children in Newsome, California, the California Public Health Service, and even our school district. I had to fight constantly to recognize my rights. ” The first Kahn. “Once again, California has refused to follow science and the CDC and has announced that it will force schools to wear masks this fall, for all children and all adults, and of course even vaccinated teachers. “

Boren and the group gathered in the Sheraton meeting room for Kids First Kern’s second public meeting in June at an event hosted by Common Sense Consulting owner and group founder Russell Johnson on Wednesday night. I was talking.

The agenda includes an upcoming ethnic research curriculum in the Kang High School District, an effort reminiscent of Newsome, and how parents and community members get by Steve Sanders, Chief of Staff of Kern County School Principal Mary Barlow. I was involved in a school that included a discussion about what I could do. But the group’s biggest request for action this evening was about the state’s masking obligations.

Announced by the California Public Health Service on July 12 guidance The school district requires that you need to mask indoors. Initially, the ministry said schools needed to send non-masked students home to provide alternative educational opportunities, but a few hours later, the statement was updated to determine how to implement the obligations. I left it to the local district for this.

Kids First Kang urges members to oppose its mission under local control. To the membersMask selection resolution“On the agenda of a local school board meeting from a new state-wide advocacy group called Let Them Breathe.

The resolution itself does not give the district the right to allow students to appear in school masklessly. Many local school districts emphasize that school boards and managers are obliged to comply with state obligations.

Rather, the mask selection resolution withdraws not only masks, but also mandatory requirements for quarantine, asymptomatic tests, and other requirements that are believed to be “ineffective, unnecessary, and harmful to children’s health and education.” We are asking the school board to work with the state. “”

The goal is “to enable the school district to consult with the city or county health department to determine the need for a safety protocol based on local conditions.” It advocates parental choices for both masking and vaccination of their children.

Sharon McKeeman, founder of Let Them Breathe, is part of a team at the Parent Association, a San Diego-based North County-based group, with plans to reopen California in February as “arbitrary.” I appealed. Let Them Breathe holds the same law firm and is raising funds to sue the state again over Musk’s mission.

Boren said she had submitted mask selection resolutions to the Kang High School and Norris School Districts where her children attend. She pointed out the Turea County Supervisory Board, which had just passed a similar resolution.

“If Tulare County can do that, come to Kern County, we can do this,” Boren said.

The problem of risk is the same as the one that undermines the debate over reopening schools. People promoting the removal of mask requirements at school point to studies showing that children tend to work better with COVID-19 than adults.

Dr. Hemmal Kothary, Chief Medical Officer at Dignity Health’s Central California Market Hospital, confirmed his view in a telephone interview.

“If anything good about COVID, it has much less impact (on children) and they have a milder case,” he said.

In Kern County, 13,834 residents under the age of 17 were diagnosed with COVID-19. This is about 12 percent of the population. That same demographic explains zero deaths. Age tends to correlate with more severe symptoms, hospitalization, and death experiences. But Kotary said it doesn’t mean that all children can stay outside the hospital or ICU, or survive.

According to Kern County Public Health Service spokeswoman Michelle Corson, there are 20 cases of pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C) in Kern County, which may be associated with COVID-19.

“There are always outliers,” Boren said. “But our children must not be the lowest risk children with the highest punishment and the highest limits.”

Some parents who oppose Mask’s obligations claim to interfere with a complete constitutional educational experience, such as picking up social cues and learning how to pronounce letters.

“It hinders their self-consciousness and robs them of their identity,” said Mary Little, a councilor of the Kern County Board of Education. “They can’t learn correctly. How are children supposed to learn phonics when they can’t see the teacher pronouncing the words?”

Masks are rarely said to be “ineffective and useless” or “disease is widespread.”

However, unlike N95 masks, doctors Kotary said that the cloths and surgical masks commonly worn by students do not tire students and tend to cause the problems cited in some studies. It was. As a result, cloths and surgical masks are not effective in preventing COVID, but he said there are benefits to wearing a mask for children who rarely touch their face when wearing the mask.

“I think people are doing bigger deals,” he said of the mask requirements. “I hated it when I first started wearing it, but I don’t think it’s gone altogether.”

Kotary believes people should have the right to do what they want to do, but it’s also important to think about how their actions affect their neighbors. The child’s immune system has generally proven to be highly resilient during COVID-19, but whether the child is ill in a vulnerable family with underlying health. , Needs further research.

The Let Them Breathe website has its own list of citations showing that the health risks of COVID-19 are minimal to students and the community.

“My philosophy is to keep sending children to school and keep doing that (without masks) until they are told they don’t need to wear them,” Little said.

Local parent group lobbies for students to take off masks in schools | News Source link Local parent group lobbies for students to take off masks in schools | News

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