Local pediatricians urge flu shots for children amid rise in COVID cases – Florence, South Carolina

Florence, South Carolina 2021-09-13 18:49:24 –

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (WBTW) —The flu season officially begins in October, but local doctors report that children had a double flu and covid-19 infection.

Dr. Mark Bahan, a pediatrician at the Conway Medical Center, said:

DHEC and pediatricians are urging parents to vaccinate their children for the flu. Some doctors are wary of “twindemics” as the number of covid cases in children is increasing.

Bahan is worried that the uptrend will continue and is urging his parents to take action.

“Don’t be too careful, it’s still there,” said Bridgette Hilbert, parent of Horry County Schools. She said she and her son would be vaccinated against the flu again this year.

“I feel the flu vaccine is the next best thing,” Hilbert said. “Even though COVID and flu are different, it’s the next level of protection. They have similar aspects to each other,” she said.

Covid-19 and the flu have similar symptoms such as fever, cough, and sore throat. Last season’s flu, SCDHEC reported 233 cases of influenza throughout South Carolina. Doctors believe that the relatively small numbers are due to social distance, hand washing, and wearing masks.

Bahan said the lack of mask mandates at school has contributed to the increase in flu cases this season and may increase flu cases.

Doctors are overwhelmed by the fierce fight, so he highly recommends that children wear masks and get the flu vaccine.

“It’s a bit of a tense time, and we’ll get over it,” Bahan said. “I certainly don’t want someone’s child to struggle unnecessarily,” he said.

He is worried that the hospital will no longer be able to treat flu patients as individual restrictions have been relaxed.

“Sure, I don’t think I’m going to reserve a room in the hospital if the number of hospitalizations I usually get during the flu season increases, and if there are people who aren’t socially separated now. It’s full. The ICU is full. “Bahan said.

DHEC officials recommend that children over 6 months old be vaccinated against the flu. Influenza vaccines are already available at Conway Medical’s provider office.

Local pediatricians urge flu shots for children amid rise in COVID cases Source link Local pediatricians urge flu shots for children amid rise in COVID cases

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