Local postal workers among suspects charged with stealing from mail – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2022-06-30 19:05:40 –

Cleveland (WJW) – FOX 8 I-Team I found a local post office manager who opened your email and admitted that he had stolen it.

According to Cleveland’s US law firm, the mail carrier is one of 11 people who have just been charged as part of a ring to steal mail and cash out stolen checks.

New developments are brought about by research that has grown over the months. Mail has been stolen throughout northeastern Ohio, checks have been changed and monetized, and large sums of money have been stolen from innocent people’s bank accounts.

Bruce Murdock, Jr. worked as West Area Post Office Operations Manager at Masiron. In April, Team I revealed the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Currently, court records indicate that Murdoch is guilty of opening or destroying mail and multiple charges of theft of mail by postal workers. He will be sentenced in October.

Meanwhile, according to the US law firm, the 11 people who have just been charged include mail carrier Cameron Proctor.

“The proctor of the defendant, who was a postal worker at the time, stole the mail under his control and sold it to other members of the plot along with the mailbox key,” the news release said. “After getting a check from stolen mail and modifying it, the collaborators use Instagram to recruit other collaborators and use their bank account to cash the stolen, modified and counterfeit check. As a result of the plan, the defendant suffered a loss of approximately $ 1.5 million or more. “

This was a few weeks after the federal government charged the other four with stealing mail and luxury cars.

In fact, one of the suspects in the previous indictment was seen in a police video saying he bought the key to enter the postal collection box.

Elijah S. Pain, 21, of Stritzboro, is named in the indictment. William D. Sanders of Cleveland Heights, 21 years old. Cameron J. Proctor, 20, Willowwick. Cleveland’s Tavion L. Bolden, 22 years old. Rashawn J. Creer from Cleveland Heights, 22 years old. Kent’s Maurice A. Maurer, 22 years old. Cleveland’s Latrent M. Redrick, 25, Richmond Heights’ Janiya MN Smith, 22. Cleveland Lady M. Walker, 28 years old. Euclid’s Antoine R. Whitset (22) and Euclid’s Tyrone Williams (21).

According to the US law firm, each defendant has been charged with one conspiracy to commit bank fraud.

Defendant Payne is charged with bank fraud and an additional count of possession of stolen mail.

Defendant Proctor is also charged with an additional count of mail theft by postal workers.

The latest case was investigated by the US Postal Inspection Office (USPIS), along with Cleveland Police, Rocky River Police, Middleburg Heights Police, Seven Hills Police, and the US Postal Inspection Office (USPIS OIG).

Local postal workers among suspects charged with stealing from mail Source link Local postal workers among suspects charged with stealing from mail

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