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Albuquerque, New Mexico (KRQE) – A local film production company highlights the hidden gems of Albuquerque’s business. Through “ABQ Enchanted Foods” Sopapilla Productions We would also like to introduce the resilience of the owners of these small businesses. Keith Allen and Felicia Mathias decided to set up their own production company here in New Mexico when they couldn’t play the acting role.

“Everyone who starts a business has to start somewhere,” Mathias said when discussing their company compared to many from outside the state. “Enter, shoot, and leave, and we want to make sure we come in, we shoot, and we stay.”

Their big goal was to hire all New Mexico crew members. But they also use it to emphasize business in the state. “It has evolved into the company’s overall purpose of using our platform to uplift small businesses, local businesses,” Allen said. “That’s what we wanted to do at the show, and what was our company’s mission?”

They are now starting their second season “ABQ’s fascinating food.” This series shows the hidden gems of small businesses in the city and profiles the resilience of owners throughout the pandemic.

“There are six restaurants. Everything from £ 8 burritos to Korean fusion and Michelin-inspired up-and-coming chefs. There’s also a tea room, Speak Easy and Lowrider,” Allen said. I am saying. “We looked through a long list, but our goal is to find a very unique and very tasty small business.”

One of the shops in the new season Ivy tea room Near the North Valley. Coffee shops were hit hard by the closure of the pandemic just before they settled in their new home.

“It was devastating when I had to close the door for the first time,” said Amandan, owner of the Ivy Tea Room. “We started selling tea online. At that point we did everything we could to survive. To be honest, it was the second shutdown and what really affected us. was.”

The show’s tea room looks everything from specialty teas and cocktails to winter outdoor igloos. Ng says it’s nice to see production companies focus on their own business. “We also want a local TV,” Ng said. “I think this is a special way to introduce your business in a really fun way.”

Production is working with the One Albuquerque Virtual Visionaries program to enable the series. They want others to take one important lesson. “Don’t forget to shop and eat locally,” said Mathias. “That’s what keeps Albuquerque moving.”

You can see the first episode of YouTube’s new season and all past episodes.. The remaining episodes of the new season will be released once a week.

Local production company featuring hidden gems of Albuquerque’s food industry Source link Local production company featuring hidden gems of Albuquerque’s food industry

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