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Denver, Colorado 2020-11-22 21:01:57 –

Denver (KDVR) —It’s the time shoppers visit the mall for holiday shopping, and store owners hope it will happen again this year.

“This is a very important shopping moment,” said Genie McFarland Johnson, Director of Marketing and Communications at Cherry Creek North.

According to Christopher Chavez of the Small and Medium Business Administration, many small businesses and local restaurants earn more than 50% of their total income during Thanksgiving and New Year.

“If they had to shut down or limit the number of people they could shop or eat in their stores, that would be a significant burden and financial problem for their business,” Chavez said. I did. “The majority of these companies have already run out of loan funds for their paycheck protection programs.”

With more than 12 Colorado counties moving to Rebel Red this weekend, store owners hope they won’t go further to “Level Purple,” which will stop direct shopping altogether.
Under Rebel Red, retailers can increase pick-up and delivery on the curbside and operate at 50% capacity. Dedicated seniors and risky hours are recommended.

“I know there are some retailers that make up 90% of our business in the fourth quarter,” Farland Johnson said.

Companies like Cherry Creek’s “Moore for Life” are already aware that the closure of indoor dining at a local restaurant on Friday has reduced shoppers in the area.

“When the restaurant had to close, the traffic was suddenly not there,” said Michael Moore. “The parking lot was vacant and the street in front of the store was vacant.”

However, Moore said on Sunday that he began to notice a drop in shoppers at Cherry Creek in early November.

“Everything seemed to happen at once. It was like the snowball effect that was happening here at Cherry Creek North.”

The Cherry Creek North Business Improvement District hopes that the new Winter Wonderland will allow more people to safely visit the area during this holiday season. District-wide shops, light meals, lights.

Local retailers hoping for holiday turnout Source link Local retailers hoping for holiday turnout

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