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Fresno, CA (KFSN)-Parents and educators are working hard to maintain the speed of special education students after a year of distance learning.

One example is Fresno Unified. They have invested $ 1.7 million in students with their exceptional needs. This includes hiring additional special education staff and psychologists, and they are not the only ones doing anything about it.

Carmen Zamora Fresno of Go Public Schools knows the fight of parents that special education students are learning at home.

“I can’t navigate online learning because some of them can’t be read or written yet,” Samora said.

During this distance education period, she discovered about her students.

“During the pandemic, I realized he had special needs because he was here and I had to help him navigate,” Samora added.

She worked to get the students on track for the next few months.

“I had to learn how to teach from my teacher,” Samora said.

However, not all parents have that option. That’s why Clovis Unified states that returning special education students to the classroom is a top priority.

“The first was to do these informal assessments and checks,” said Dr. Carrie Carter, Director of Unified Special Education for Clovis. “How are you? Where are you?”

They have spent the past few months making sure the students are speeding up. For many students, the next step is a summer school for special education students.

“They need that continuous learning so that there is no learning loss during the summer,” Carter added.

Fresno Unified brought back students of their extraordinary needs last fall. Currently, they are investing over $ 1.5 million in these students.

“The 1.7 million will be used for additional time during the winter vacation, after-school tutorials, and interventions,” said Brian Beck, FUSD’s assistant supervisor.

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Local school districts provide resources for special education students Source link Local school districts provide resources for special education students

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