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Atlanta, Georgia 2021-03-02 00:11:00 –

After controversial comments about Breona Taylor led to a backlash, Cobb County teachers made a formal apology to her students.

CBS46 was the first local station to report an incident at Pebblebrook High School on Friday, with teachers recorded in virtual classes in response to the morning announcement. The principal led the morning announcement in honor of Breona Taylor.

Pebblebrook’s science teacher was identified by Susan McCoy.

“I’m sorry she was killed, but being with people with guns shooting police officers can get you involved in a shootout,” McCoy told the students.

Since those claims, the teacher has sent a message to the students. CBS 46 got a copy of the video telling the students that they wanted to apologize “in good faith and publicly.”

“It’s only heartbreaking to say something very rude and rude. I want my students to know that I’m really, really, really apologizing.

The distrust and wounds I caused hurt my heart. “

Leroy Hutchins, a member of the Cobb County Board of Education, told CBS 46 while he was happy to apologize for “at face value.” Some students may have already been damaged.

“I’m happy to hear that she admitted that she was wrong.” But he said, “I know what that means overall when it comes to how it affects our students. No, “he added.

In fact, students resented on social media are still demanding McCoy’s dismissal as of Monday night. Posts will continue to tag the principal’s Instagram page to call for action.

In the first video CBS46 released on Friday, McCoy can be heard falsely claiming that Breona Taylor fired at Congressman first. In addition, teachers falsely claim that police were looking for their current boyfriend instead of Taylor’s former boyfriend. The high school student disagrees with her claim and corrects the science teacher.

Hutchins said he was pleased to see the reaction.

“I am very proud of the fact that our children were able to correct and participate in the conversation with great respect.”

The principal wrote to students and their families, explaining that the school and district expect everyone to pay homage to the Pebblebrook campus. McCoy suggests that he did not offer it to his students.

“I ask for forgiveness and hope that one day I can regain trust with the students who know I have lost, thank you,” the employee said.

The district previously issued a statement on CBS46 News on Friday. The statement was reaffirmed by a spokesperson when seeking up-to-date information on the investigation on Monday.

“The district is aware of the allegations, is investigating and will follow the policies of the relevant district. As a district, we expect all staff to treat each other with respect and understanding.”

Local teacher apologies for her comments on Breonna Taylor | News Source link Local teacher apologies for her comments on Breonna Taylor | News

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