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Portland, Oregon (KOIN) —It’s the graduation season and many teens are going to college — and some are heading to work that is part of their future career plans.

One of those teens is Samuel Singh, someone we have Published in KOIN6 News Before. He is so good at animation that he got a job at a top company while in high school.

The video above is Shin’s animation reel RedTheAnimator YouTube page. Due to the variety of emotions, movements and graphic qualities, you might not have imagined a Beaverton teenager to be the face behind the screen.

“It’s very interesting to look back and see how much I’ve improved,” Shin said.

Samuel Singh (courtesy: Singh) tinkering with animations using cardboard boxes, Lego, and computers at the age of eight

Shin started messing around Animation at the age of 8 — Use cardboard boxes, Lego, computers.

When I introduced him a few years ago, he was on track to produce professional-looking animation.His decision to attend Oregon Virtual Academy That really inspired his passion.

At the age of 14, Black Plasma Studios hired Shin and his flexible lesson time was important. It helped him continue to produce more advanced animations for years.

“Rather than scheduling for a specific number of hours, it’s called whenever you need it,” he explained. “So every time a scene becomes available, they will call me.”

Shin is now ready to graduate and plans to make a short film. Perhaps he even oversees one of his own visions. His ultimate goal is to become a Pixar animation director.

He says it requires dedication and talent, but the resources available for animation in this era make it much more achievable.

“All of these tools can be used to create these professional feature film-like pieces that are available for free on your home computer,” says Shin. “It’s definitely growing for accessibility.”

Check out Shin’s animation details His youtube page..

Local teen digital animator moving onto bigger and better things Source link Local teen digital animator moving onto bigger and better things

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