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Pittsburgh (KDKA) -It seems to arrive every spring. A traveling contractor who proposes to block driveways and patch roofs. Instead, they do a crude job, take your cash, and disappear.

In most cases, in these cases, damage will occur and the contractor will disappear in the wind. However, some recent victims who have contacted KDKA say they will not rest until these contractors are rejuvenated.

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“I was sick when this first happened. I wanted to cry every time I came here,” said Kim Hoffman, homeowner of Killback Township.

A few months ago, a company called Elite Sealing and Paving and its owner, Vinnie Mitchell, offered to repave Hoffman’s carport.

“This was supposed to be 2 inches of asphalt with aggregate, and it’s just crumbled,” Hoffman said.

Then, after $ 3,200, she ended up with a loose cover of rubble and asphalt. It’s so detached that you can easily break the debris. When she asked Mitchell and the workers, they accused her of threatening her and never returned.

“They started calling me hostile and started walking from the driveway. They didn’t want to talk to me anymore, and as they said they were scared,” Hoffman said.

Richard Lee says the same thing happened when he hired Vinnie Mitchell to block Baldwin’s driveway.

“When I saw it darker, he spread something out there, but by the end of winter it had reopened,” Lee said.

When Mitchell noticed a Texas license plate on Mitchell’s pickup truck and Mitchell claimed only cash, he said he was suspicious, but Lee said he still paid him $ 400. Mitchell poured an oily liquid over the crack, but soon reappeared, he says. When he finally contacted Mitchell on the phone and complained about his job, Lee said Mitchell wouldn’t come back to him.

“Then I threatened him. I said,” I didn’t threaten you. “I said I was going to call the Better Business Bureau. “Well,” he said, “I don’t think it’s safe to come out there,” Lee said.

For years, KDKA has reported on temporary workers traveling from the South under the guise of roof and driveway repair contractors. So far, the Better Business Bureau has no evidence that Mitchell is one of these people.

“We didn’t get a reply from the company,” said Warren King of Better Business Bureau.

However, the BBB warns people to pay attention to the obvious signs. They include out-of-state plates, cash-only payment claims, and non-refundable.

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“In the spring, these contractors come along the east coast and go to different communities, just as you can expect Easter rabbits to come to Easter,” King said.

KDKA even tracked the house that Vinnie Mitchell and his family rented at Bethel Park.

District Judge Ron Arnoni recently confirmed that Mitchell had evacuated the house for unpaid rent and widespread damage to property. According to court records, his family was also expelled from Claireton’s house for the same reason last year.

While at home, we glanced at a man who appeared to be Vinnie Mitchell. The pickup with his Texas plate was parked on the grass, but he didn’t come to the door.

Instead, a woman came to the door and KDKA’s Andy Sheehan spoke to her through the door. He confirmed that he was a KDKA-TV reporter and told her that he was responding to complaints from Vinnie’s clients.

“May I talk about it?” Andy asked.

“No,” she replied.

“What’s that?” Andy asked.

“Number. I don’t give you the right to talk to me,” she replied.

I didn’t get the answer I was looking for at Mitchell’s house, but Kim Hoffman is worried.

“They just go out to make money and use as many people as possible to move on,” Hoffman said.

She sent a police officer to Mitchell’s eviction hearing and informed Mitchell to appear in court seeking damages related to the driveway. And now Mitchell has been ordered to appear in the district court on Tuesday. KDKA will be there to see if he appears.

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“My goal is to stop them. Do you want to get your money back? Absolutely. But in the end, I don’t want to see this happen to anyone else,” Hoffman said.

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