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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-12-01 19:10:34 –

New London, Ohio (WJW) – A pandemic has put more on hold.

In New London, Huron County, the effects of a pandemic have hit the 2020 Christmas celebration like a freight train. This year, they wanted to revive Christmas.

Six-year-old Maverick came up with a great, great idea. He figured out what to do — everyone could be Who.

“My son said,’Why don’t you turn New London into Fu London?'” Said Shannon Dyer, a member of the new London Community Club.

Almost every window in downtown has holiday cheers and little people are everywhere.
There are many gifts, ribbons and wrappings in the town, but the most important thing is to bring people back to the town.

“If you can see Santa Claus with your grandchildren, if you can go to the pizzeria and see the window grinch, that’s all good for the community. Every time you go somewhere to see a picture or a character. You can see that the villages are working together, “said Mayor Toby Thomas.

Who wants people to see a new business in London that has grown rapidly despite the pandemic?

The Day League Lined is one of them, and the Green Grinch Holiday Drink is just one of their specialties. This place, along with P’s Creations under the block, is an investment in a small town closed by others.

“When you come in, have fun. You don’t have to buy anything, but thank you. It’s a lot of fun. We’re just getting together with people and trying to get things back to some sort of normal state. “The owner, Stephanie Rogers, said.

It’s usually okay if it looks green, but maybe Christmas doesn’t have to come from the store?

Maybe Who London, maybe it makes a little more sense, like reuniting with your neighbor. It’s a Christmas wish that everyone can enjoy.

New London will start its holiday at their tree light ceremony this Friday. On Saturday mornings, there is a Christmas parade and a city full of activities.

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