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Council Bluffs, Iowa (KMTV)-While we continue to emphasize women-owned businesses in the region, 3 NewsNow reporter and anchor Arianna Martinez opens her business off the corporate world and opens her own business. Introducing women who do what they like.

“I went home and talked to my husband, telling him what I wanted to do, and he told me to go for it, so I did,” Tanya’s gift basket. Said Tanya Pospisil, who runs the company.

With her husband’s support, she quit her job at the company, opened Tanya’s gift basket and made a fully customized gift.

“I hope they can make something beautiful and they will enjoy the items I put in it,” Pospisil said.

The pandemic actually helped the gift industry as people and businesses were able to order personalized gifts that could be delivered.

“It really worked,” she said. “It kept me busy and allowed me to work from home. I’m a home business. I’ve been doing it for four years. I was able to keep it going. Good. Stop. I didn’t have to, I didn’t have to close the building. I was able to keep doing what I wanted to do. “

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Each basket is custom made for each customer, so you don’t have to worry about gift baskets being unique.

“I actually design on paper, then on a computer. Then I put together all the items that are unique to that person. Maybe I’ll use a printed ribbon to make it special. There is their logo on the box and it’s something special for them that makes it different. “

As the company grows, she wants to be able to ship baskets nationwide.

“I haven’t asked anyone to ship me anything yet. Many people come to pick it up or I can deliver it to them because it’s local. You can, “she said.

Pospishil loves to be creative and is ready to work on wild and fun gifts.

“It doesn’t matter, I can do it all. I can customize it for them and for the company as much as I want,” she said.

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Local woman leaves corporate world to open her own business Source link Local woman leaves corporate world to open her own business

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