Local Writers Speaking of their Work in July – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2022-07-01 15:04:41 –

Many writers call Milwaukee their hometown. Here are just a few highlights of the region coming to town this month.

Poetry reading at Woodland Pattern Book Center

The Milwaukee region poets Sue Brostein and DeWitt Clinton are in the Woodlands pattern for a poetry reading at 7 pm on July 21st. Blaustein reads from her latest work, Beer line, Tavern, time travel, poems about birds and insects. UW-Whitewater’s former longtime creative author and English instructor, Clinton, reads from his latest collection, hello.. To sign up for a face-to-face event at Woodland Patterns or learn about virtual Crowdcast options click here..

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A pair of book releases at Boswell Books

Fans of role-playing games, especially Dungeons & Dragons, want to join Boswell Books on July 19th at 6:30 pm when local author, teacher and podcaster Ben Riggs celebrates the release of their debut book. You will think. Kill the dragon.. This book details the creation of the Dungeons & Dragons game, the sharp rise and subsequent descent of the TSR, the company based in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, where the game was invented, and everything that involves countless people and personality. It is a survey. In the middle.

The timing of the release of Slaying the Dragon is perfect, as Dungeons & Dragons have become more popular and generally accepted due to livestreaming from TV shows such as Twitch and Stranger Things. If you want to celebrate the release of Slaying the Dragon, click here Pre-register for this face-to-face event.

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Come to celebrate the release of another book at 6:30 pm on July 26th. Death casts a shadowThe seventh installment in her Door County Mystery series is in Boswell. This series follows the adventures of Sheriff Kubiak, who unravels and investigates the mysteries of Door County.

In this latest book, Skalka sets the stage with a sharp and accurate description of the brutal winter storms of the peninsula. Sheriffs perform a welfare check on a healthy and wealthy widow that night, but the next morning they are found dead because they look like a tragic accidental fall. Sheriff Cubiak begins to think more if the ice hut explodes later in the week, revealing an unrecognizable burning body. When clues begin to gather, will the sheriff resolve the case again before it’s too late? To register for this face-to-face event click here..

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