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Locals question certification of Clark County’s results for primary election – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2022-06-27 22:01:21 –

Las Vegas (KTNV) —Nevada’s primary has been approved, but some have questioned the election process.

Last Friday, the Commissioner of Clark County listened to voters expressing concern that the elections were fraudulent, proving that all claims were false.

Joe Gloria of the Clark County Voter Registration Office was booed and insulted at the County Commissioner’s Election Commission. This happened shortly after Gloria collected votes for Clark County. Gloria said that the higher the turnout of mail voting, the more likely it is to determine future resources rather than voting directly.

“The majority of voters vote by mail, so that’s something to keep in mind. In future elections, we’ll need to reduce the number of direct votes to balance our staff,” Gloria said. Says.

Election recognition, a routine and administrative process, has attracted the attention of destructive voters and candidates who want to find fraud in election tally. Sondra Cosgrove states that the Nevada election process was questioned in 2020, but no illegal activity has been discovered so far.

“It’s easy for politician candidates to suspect something is wrong, but our registrars and clerks have observers in their countrooms,” says Kosgrove. .. “

During public comments at Friday’s meeting, many questioned the integrity of the primary. Candidates who did not prepare the ballot will challenge the election over concerns about transparency and accountability. Their campaign alleged numerous election breaches, including ballot confidentiality and signature verification breaches, but at a meeting on Friday, voter registrants said differently, and the committee unanimously resulted. Voted to prove.

“There were no aggregation errors in the 913 constituencies. Therefore, as a double-appointed registrar of Clark County voters, we hereby prove that the county results for this election are considered provable. “Gloria said.

All 17 counties in Nevada proved the outcome of the primary and sent a formal campaign to the Secretary of State to advance the election in November.

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