Location-Data Broker X Mode Purchased by Digital Emboy

Last year, the company told The Wall Street Journal that location data broker X-Mode Social Inc., which launched Apple and Google’s platform over national security efforts with the US government, was acquired.

X-Mode will be part of Digital Envoy Inc., an Atlanta-based IP intelligence company, both companies will announce this week. As part of the merger, X-Mode will be rebranded as Outlogic and its CEO, Joshua Anton, will join Digital Envoy as Chief Strategy Officer. The purchase price and other terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. X-Mode was based in the suburbs of Washington, but abandoned office space during the pandemic and became completely remote.

With X-Mode, we can “further enhance services related to cybersecurity, AI, fraud, and rights management,” said Jerrod Stoller, CEO of Digital Envoy. “We can also innovate in this area by considering new solutions that leverage both datasets, which will also bring new clients and new markets.”

Digital Envoy specializes in collecting and providing customers with data about Internet users based on the IP address assigned by their Internet service provider or mobile operator. Such data, including approximate geolocation, is useful in fraud detection, cybersecurity, advertising, and other commercial applications.

X-Mode was born in 2013 on the University of Virginia campus. At that time, as an undergraduate, Anton created an app to prevent users from getting drunk and dialing. Anton realized that the location data collected by the app was a valuable product and sought to partner with other app publishers to become a location data company. Collect the exact location of your smartphone and provide them to your commercial customers In the advertising, real estate and other industries.

Location-Data Broker X Mode Purchased by Digital Emboy

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