“Lock them all”: Trump’s Whitmer attack fits harmful patterns

But it’s not just the crowd that seems to get clues from the president.

On Friday, Georgia Senator David Perdue, a wealthy former executive who has a home on the wealthy Sea Island of Georgia, picked up a microphone and wore a red hat at a trample rally in Macon, Georgia. I tried to offend the audience. He suggested that he didn’t know how to pronounce the name of Senator Kamala Harris, a Democratic vice presidential candidate who had served in the Senate for over three years.

“Kamara? Kamala? Kamala Maramara?” He said. “I don’t know. Anything.”

Democrats raided, Republicans defensive, and Purdue’s opponent John Osov raised more than $ 1.8 million as of Sunday night.

Mr. Trump’s staff has sought to mitigate his self-destructive tendencies. Obvious when he is speaking from a teleprompter at a rally, and as his speech is, he delivers much of his line of attack to Mr. Biden as written.

But at almost every event, the president overwhelms his criticism of the former Vice President.

As Republicans crave to restructure elections as a policy-difference choice, Mr. Trump effectively assured his rhetorical outburst that the campaign would remain a referendum of his actions. I am. It surprises Republican candidates and strategists who fear that even Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination is no match for the daily movement in Mr. Trump’s self-destructive behavior.

Senator Lindsey Graham returned to South Carolina on Friday after shepherd Barrett at a hearing on the Judiciary Committee and held a rally and press conference equivalent to the victory lap. Graham said he thought Trump would help him in a conservative devotion, trapped in an unexpectedly close competition for re-election with Democrat Jamie Harrison, who is collecting record-breaking amounts. Stated.

But when he stepped into the SUV to leave, he admitted that he couldn’t deny it.

“He can be a handful,” Graham said of Mr. Trump. “He can hinder his success.”

Many senior Republican strategists believe that the president’s actions almost guarantee his own defeat and are likely to give the Democrats control of the Senate. And every time he criticized Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, Maine Susan Collins, and Republicans last week, they’re worried that it might exacerbate their losses.

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