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Anyway, 30 years is a long time to wait for a follow-up album. In 1990 Loey Norquist (recorded as Loey Nelson) released her debut solo album. Appeared on Warner Brothers Records. Norquist has just released his second solo album. North By Norquist Mood Vertigo Music.

The singer and musician is backed by a fluid lineup of local veteran musicians, including “director” John Sieger. (Title is a reference to the Alfred Hitchcock movie Take a course north-northwest.. )

Norquist skillfully mixes folk and pop with optimistic social consciousness. Beginning with midnight intimacy after “All This Time,” guitarist Tim Taylor wisely quotes Jimi Hendrix, and the nokist is frivolous with “Come in My Love.” “Dream” is based on the calm samba rhythm of Sieger walking a Hawaiian guitar solo.

The nokist theme for “Sold Down the River” is consistent with the gloomy performances of cellist Kate Nokist, violist Mary Nokist Stetson, and pianist Jeff Stair. In “Money and Sin,” Norquist’s energetic up-tempo vocals and whistling believe in the title. Ultimately, her optimism shines with the proposal to “turn it upside down.”

How did the blockade affect your creativity?

The blockade brought the focus and keen appreciation of all the musicians I have ever known. This album, North by Norquist It is the sum of life for decades. Hardship, trap, redemption, love, forgiveness.

Do you have a routine or schedule to keep practicing or working on new materials?

There is no routine. Allocation works. I deal with challenges and challenges. Kirk McFarlin was very helpful in igniting the creative process of a pandemic. We recorded on the phone 1000 miles away, but strangely, that distance provided an unlimited commitment to the song. John Seger has always been a North Star.

Are you planning when you can resume playing in public?

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The last time I played live was Shank Hall, as Peter Gest asked me. It was an honor as he celebrated the 30th anniversary of opening the club. I don’t play much. That night was special. Mike Seger on the left, John Seger on the right, and Bob Schneider on drums. I saw a lot of people I love. It was a very special night. There is another such gathering, if the stars in the sky allow, but for now there are records.

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