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Lonely young American, depressed during a pandemic

By Robert Preidt

Health Day Reporter

Friday, November 20, 2020 (HealthDay News)-During the COVID-19 pandemic, studies show a sharp increase in loneliness, anxiety, depression, and drug use among young American adults. ..

Between April 22nd and May 11th, 2020, more than 1,000 people aged 18-35 participated in an online anonymous survey. Nearly half reported high levels of loneliness, 8 out of 10 had severe depressive symptoms, and over 60% had moderate (45%) or severe (17%) anxiety.

In addition, 30% reported harmful levels of alcohol consumption. Also, according to a recently published report online, 38% of the 22% who said they used drugs reported severe drug use. Journal of Psychoactive Drugs..

Viviana Horigian, a professor and lead author at the University of Miami, states that mental health care for young adults during and after a pandemic is very important.

“The end of the COVID-19 pandemic and the loneliness and addiction epidemic in the United States remains here,” she said in a journal news release.

“These young adults are the future of our social structure. They need to be given access to psychological support, coupled with the development and dissemination of simple online contact-based interventions that promote a healthy lifestyle. “Holidian said.

“Social prescriptions that utilize community resources to promote their use also show the potential to improve social and psychological well-being,” she added.

When researchers evaluated the effects of the pandemic, they found that loneliness, depression, and anxiety each increased by about 60%. Overall, the research team found a 53% increase in lack of connectivity, a 48% increase in alcohol use, and a 44% increase in drug use.

More than half of the respondents who reported increased loneliness also reported increased drinking, substance use, anxiety, depression, or decreased sensation of connection.

Researchers said 30% of participants reported harmful and addictive levels of drinking, 19% reported drinking at least once a week, and 44% reported drinking at least once a month. ..

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For more information on mental health and coping during a pandemic, please visit the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Source: Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, News Release, November 16, 2020

Lonely young American, depressed during a pandemic

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