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Long Beach Car Dealers Give Lifts To Long-standing Local Animal Welfare Organizations • Long Beach Post News – Long Beach, California

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Gift exchange! Lauren Campbell, President and CEO of FOLBA, gives Timons Subaru a plaque to Natalie Timons, the dealer’s HR manager, while Rocky Gaharry is preparing. The FOLBA mascot bites the landscape better than biting the inside of an SUV. Photo by Kate Carp.

Subaru of America Share The Love Event Designed to pay it to local and national communities. Over the last 13 years, dealers have donated more than $ 200 to charities nationwide, including: Dining at Wheels America And that National Park Foundation And to the local one. Timmons Share Love Efforts This includes distributing personal protective equipment to local SMEs and providing toys for children. MemorialCareMiller Children’s Hospital Long Beach, And fund local charities. During the two months from November to December 2020, the recent Share the Love event was with FOLBA. Honor our corruption, A program to celebrate the war heroes who died in battle and support their families.

“A portion of every purchase will be donated to a charity of your choice,” said Rocky Gaharry, General Sales Manager at Timmons. “We try to keep it local.”

A man in a black mask, blue shirt and tan trousers is holding a little brown dog that is high-touching a human in a dog suit.

Sanzu and his roommate Tom Hamburg seem happy to know about FOLBA’s new mascot. The eccentric dog will appear on Saturday, May 1st, on the 1st anniversary of Los Altos Pet Supplies Plus (see May Bouquet of Mats and Moggy), and participants can suggest the name of the mascot.Photo by Kate Carp

Lauren Campbell, Chairman of the Board of Directors of FOLBA, thanked the organization and said the money would be used effectively. The organization has a significant history of working with the community from the launch of the Contraceptive Castration / Contraceptive Castration Incentive Program (SNIP) in 1998 to the present day. Pandemic, Make a matching donation of $ 10,000 at Long Beach for Long Beach Little Pose Project And Refurbished operating room and furnished And other areas Fixed long beachNewly acquired clinic. Tom Hanberg, FOLBA board member, said Timmons donations include kindergarten and first grade humanitarian education through the school district, emergency pet care support, and funding the Bonnie & Dooley program to help community members pay adoption costs. He said it would be useful for introducing new projects. For the rescue of choice.

“During the COVID period, it’s tough for people, so we do a monthly rescue,” said Hamburg. “So far, Long Beach Animal Care Service, Live love And the little lion (Little Lion Foundation).I’m doing this month Sparkly and gangsters.. “

Virtually pet

Sparky and the Gang Animal Rescue is a beneficiary of the FOLBA Bonnie & Dooley adoption program in May. This program supports for a fee more than members of the community. Promotes adoption and thereby supports animals.

The Sparky team has performed many fairy priesthood miracles on dogs and puppies that appear to have lost their cause. Adopting any of these creatures this month will result in a significant reduction in adoption fees or will be paid in full.

Sparky’s management team shares space and heart Fixed long beach Contraceptive castration surgery clinic. Becky Ramos, an employee of Fix, tells us about some of the little Cinderellas and Ferrers you can take home. To apply to hire one of them, please send an email to Sparky and the Gang. [email protected] Or call them at (310) 809-6374.. If you want to volunteer to take someone for a walk, use the same contacts.


Susie Q and Karaoke — Two adult dogs left behind by their owners. I think they are very optimistic!

I don’t think I’m going to take a break from the cat during the kitten season. Long Beach Animal Care Service über volunteer Susan loves this special cat. Her name is Ginsburg, above all. I heard it and barked.

To adopt Ginsburg Description of this link Or email [email protected].. All adoptions are done through reservations.

May be a bouquet for Mats and Moggy

Pet Supplies and Long Beach 1st Anniversary: Saturday, May 1st, 10 am-2pm, Pet Supplies Plus, 2086 N. Bellflower Boulevard, Long Beach, Free Events, Adoption Prices Different

Meet great adoptions from our shelter, take part in a draw for prizes from Pet Supplies Plus, and walk with the new Long Beach Animals mascot that you can name! Please see the leaflet for details.

“May Meatball” Contraceptive Castration Surgery Discount: May 1-31, Wednesday-Saturday, 8 am-5pm, 1749 Magnolia Avenue, Long Beach, see flyer for procedure prices

In May, you’ll see Newter’s (ie, men’s only) price, which is even cheaper than Fixed Long Beach’s regular price, plus a free meatball dinner on the first 100 bookings of the month. .. Santa fedeli (Mm-mm-MMM!). You and your cat or dog can go home and go to Trump with all the ladies at home with a meatball after spending an unpleasant time at the clinic (just for your buddy) A little-he gets a little tired).

Little Lion Foundation Fundraising Lottery: Please see the leaflet for details until May 31st

If you are the lucky winner of this raffle, 5 out of 100! Follow the instructions on the flyer to enter the $ 100 Amazon Gift Card Contest. Whether you win or not, you will help newborn kittens and adult cats win the chance to live.All revenue goes to Little Lion Foundation.. Donations to the rescue are accepted via the name link.

Need help, help was given

Breeders needed for long beach animal care services

Great for foster parents if you’ve always wanted a pet but aren’t sure if you’re ready for a lifetime (animal) commitment, or if for some reason your pet’s roommate’s day has passed. May be the way, especially for one or more kittens Kitten season.. Long Beach Animal Care Service Currently, there are foster parent programs aimed at saving some small lives and socializing them. Who knows — maybe one of those lives will change your mind about not being ready for your roommate.

Cat Good Social Club needs a voluntary subject for its whispering aristocrats

Cat Good Social Club It’s open, running, and knocking things out of the shelves. Cat curators will love some volunteers for their furry residents. Everyone knows that cats expect it, so do you want to be part of the cat kowtow staff? Email [email protected]..

Fix a low cost pet service clinic on Long Beach. Wednesday-Saturday, 8 am-5pm, 1749 Magnolia Avenue, Long Beach, service available by appointment www.fixlongbeachpets.com..

Fixed long beach Has resumed and is making appointments to meet the needs of low cost contraceptive / castration surgery / dentistry, vaccines and other veterinarians for cats and dogs.visit Their web page Or Facebook page For more information.

DIY kitten care kit that can be used free of charge with Long Beach Animal Care Service

Soon after the kitten season begins, shelters and rescue teams will scramble to save their lives, repair them and hire them. During the kitten season, it’s not uncommon to find a nest of young kittens that appear to be abandoned. Wanting to save them is a natural reaction. However, before jumping, consider these steps outlined here.If you are interested in getting a kitten care kit made possible by Helen Sanders CatPAWSPlease email mel [email protected]..

Contraceptive castration / contraceptive castration vouchers available at shelters

Long Beach Animal Care Service have Available Contraceptive Castration / Contraceptive Castration Vouchers.. They take a healthy nip from the cost of the procedure. Residents of any of the five cities served by the shelter (see above) can request a voucher by calling the general number (562) 570–7387.

Contraceptive Castration / Contraceptive Castration Reservation Available at SNP / LA

Los Angeles Contraceptive Castration / Contraceptive Castration Project (SNP / LA) Going back to business for Free and low cost contraceptive castration / contraceptive castration services, and they are extending the time of vaccination clinics.. 957 N. Gaffey St. The San Pedro Clinic in San Pedro Clinic offers shots every Thursday from 9am to 8pm. (310) 574–5555 Check if you are eligible for service.

If you can see the bottom of the kibble bag

There are three piles of large bags of pet food wrapped in plastic on the pallet, and many more behind them.

Approximately 1 ton of food distributed to the community by FOLBA with a 2020 donation by ASPCA. Photo provided by a friend of Long Beach Animas.

Homeless petof The home page gives self-description as the only organization focused solely on providing food and care for pets belonging to homeless people. Companies and other organizations across the country receive in-kind donations of food and other needs that human families of dogs and cats can receive at outreach locations. The following Long Beach companies will accept your donation:

Trendy pose, 3726 E. 7th St., Long Beach

Belmont Heights Animal Hospital, 255 Redondo Avenue, Long Beach

Paw Shoppe Pet Center, Inc., 6416 E. Spring St., Long Beach

Food and supplies are available at Beacon for his ministry, 1535 Gandley Avenerg Beach, Monday 9 am to noon and Saturday noon to 3 pm.And Christian outreach practice, 515 E. 3rd St., Long Beach, Thursday 9 am-11am Donations are also accepted at these locations.

Hiring, hiring, hiring

A white cat with tabby patch ears and back staring upwards, sitting in a bowling pin position in a glass kennel with store products in the background

Chompers, renamed Shompei by the rescue team to make it easier to pronounce, is chilling at the Cat Adoption Center in Long Beach Pet Food Express. Shompei is 10 years old and has no teeth, but knows how long her fangs are for a horrifying case of mouth ulcer that was not treated for heaven. Nevertheless, she is as playful as a kitten and loves to hug. She needs to be in a house without other animals or small children, but she thrives by having her chops rubbed. Can you live the life you deserve for her?

Pet Food Express Cat Adoption Center: Weekdays and Saturdays 10 am-8pm, Sundays 10 am-7pm, Pet Food Express, 4220 Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach, adoption rates apply

This adoption center is the long-awaited satellite operation of Long Beach Animal Care Service. Julie and her team are pulling their cats. For these people, “domestic cat” means a cat in a kennel in a shelter. The team interacts with the kitten until it is adopted. This takes less time than you might think.

Helen Sanders CatPAWS Adoption Center: Can be displayed daily during business hours, PetSmart, 12341 Seal Beach Boulevard, Seal Beach, adoption rates apply..

Window shopping is a decent pastime and can become more common during pandemics. Helen Sanders CatPAWS Applied window shopping to cat adoption. You can peek at some of the great cats from the windows of the PetSmart Adoption Center on Seal Beach. Unfortunately, there are no scratches on the ears or scratches on the chin at this time, but volunteers can answer questions and provide adoption information! Be sure to wear a mask. You can find adoption applications and all kittens Here..

Links to loved ones

The following pet-related businesses regularly adopt cats, dogs, and rabbits, but at the moment, adoption is primarily by appointment. If there are any updates or changes, please click the link for each rescue. These organizations operate through donations and grants, and whatever you can give is welcome. Suggest rescue for the Long Beach area to add to the list.

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