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Long Beach Dedicates New City Hall Monument for Fallen Firefighters and Police Officers • Long Beach Post News – Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California 2021-05-04 15:10:22 –

Formally known as a police and firefighting monument, the structure is a folded flag with the names of 14 firefighters and 29 police officers who have died on duty since the inauguration of each department at Long Beach. It is made up of small triangles that look like.

The 13-folded flag in the shape of a triangle is traditionally given to the families of the deceased. Some of the bronze flags on the monument remain blank.

Color guard members walk behind the new monument at the Long Beach Civic Center. Photo by Thomas R. Cordova.

“For all family, friends and colleagues, this monument is a pride,” said Mayor Robert Garcia, hoping that there is no need to add a new name.

The monument was officially set up in late 2019 at the new Long Beach Civic Center at the intersection of Magnolia Avenue and Ocean Boulevard, but due to the pandemic, there was no memorial ceremony to date.

According to Captain Jack Clubtree of the Long Beach Fire Department, a former obelisk-like monument dedicated to the fire department and police station was originally near the Old Town Hall, but was demolished during the demolition of the Old Town Hall. It was.

The· New monument approved The commemorative funds were provided through donations from the Capital Improvement Fund, the Long Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce, a friend of Long Beach firefighters, and the Long Beach Police Officers Association.

Don Dixon plays Amazing Grace when the American flag is folded at the end of the Long Beach Police and Fire Commemorative Ceremony on Tuesday, May 4, 2021 in Long Beach.

After greetings from the brass members of the fire department and police, the 14 dead firefighters were honored at a “last warning” ceremony where the bell rings after their names are read aloud.

“They were taken away from us too soon,” said Fire Chief Xavier Espino.

Similarly, 29 police officers killed during their duties were honored with 21 gun salutes. Police stopped traffic along Ocean Boulevard as seven police officers fired blanks in the air.

“LBPD suffered losses. Twenty-nine police died while wearing this uniform,” said police chief Robert Luna.

by Officer Down Memorial WebsiteAccording to the US Fire Department, 17 police officers died on duty in California last year and seven California firefighters died in 2020.

The ceremony on Tuesday was mainly held as a virtual event. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, only a few members of the media are allowed to attend directly.

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