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Long Beach, California 2021-09-22 12:59:41 –

Long Beach Gives aims to provide an opportunity for the community to easily find and support the various organizations that contribute to Long Beach.

On Thursday, September 23rd, there will be an all-day online event supported by over 200 different nonprofits. However, donations will begin on September 17th for early donations and will end on Friday, September 24th at 10am.

Website visitors can find an organization by searching by cause (grouped into 16 different causes such as mental health, LGBTQ +, food security, etc.), the size of the organization, or the district of the city council. I can do it. On this website, visitors can find more information about each nonprofit and choose to donate at least $ 10.

“Looking at the comments of the people they always wanted to convey, I love it, but they didn’t know where to start. Long Beach Gibbs browsed various nonprofits. , Really provided a way to discover what’s happening in their city. Find the cause that’s important to them, “said Long, who has worked with Long Beach Gibbs since its inception in 2019. This is Nico Galves, the director of the Beach Gibbs Campaign.

According to Galves, nonprofits not only include services such as food banks and animal rescue, but may also include organizations that defend certain news media sources and restaurant workers.

“I don’t think we are aware of the breadth of nonprofits or the economy that the nonprofit sector brings to Long Beach,” Galvez said.

Long Beach Gives began as a graduate project by Julie Meenan, Executive Secretary of the Josephine S. Gumbiner Foundation, and has successfully raised over $ 871,000 to nearly 100 nonprofits. In 2020, more than 150 nonprofits participated and raised more than $ 1.7 million.

According to Galvez, Long Beach Gibbs’ main goal is to involve new or less prominent nonprofits. Over 60 new nonprofits are participating this year.

“We want to make sure we get involved with nonprofits that we might not otherwise qualify for,” Galvez said. “Or they may not have the ability to write as many grants as they want, they may not be able to hold a big gala, they may not have a full-time marketer, or they may be volunteer leaders.”

“That’s why Long Beach Gives will be a really great opportunity for them … To build friendships with other nonprofits, learn from each other and collaborate on various programs. So nonprofits I’ve never heard of. I’m always excited when an organization is applied. “

Some of the organizations participating in this year’s Long Beach Give are:

Children today

Children today Since 1997, we have provided trauma-based child development and family support to hundreds of families experiencing homelessness and abuse on Long Beach.

The organization’s vision is to support children under the age of 6 in a safe and nurtured space for parents to play, learn and grow while their parents take a step towards financial stability. Children are provided with nutritious meals along with clothing, hygiene products and diapers so that families can focus their resources on their homes.

Long Beach Immigration Union

Long Beach Immigration Union We support the development of immigrant leaders through political education, leadership programs, wellness resources and shared advocacy.

While acting as a regional hub for information, services and resources, the organization is committed to transporting power structures such as laws, budgets and policies that affect the immigrant community.

Since the pandemic, the Union has supported migrant families through the creation of #UndocuFundLBC and has distributed over $ 1.5 million in direct financial assistance.

Bluff Park Neighborhood Association

Bluff Park Neighborhood Association With a boost from Long Beach Gibbs, we are participating in a historic preservation project to install a 1920s ramp post.

Phase 1 of the 10 Streetlight Pillars Project will be installed in 2019, with 10 more streetlight pillars recently arriving and expected to be installed within a few weeks.

“We are honored to be selected as one of the Long Beach Gibbs non-profit organizations,” said Jeffrey Marin, president of the Bluff Park Neighborhood Association, in a statement. “The Streetlight Pillar Project has a special place in the center of our community.”

Designs in the 1920s are intended to stimulate discussions about local history and architecture, Marin said. The association was able to find the original manufacturer, incorporating the original style of a century ago.

Major donors are recognized by the ornamental frame at the base of the new streetlight pillar.

African American Cultural Center in Long Beach

NS Cultural CenterMeans to function as, Space for preservation, honor and celebration Long Beach’s Black Community Heritage is working towards its $ 22 million goal of securing a permanent location. Since September, the center has been set up on the temporary site of the Expo Arts Center at Bix Venors.

The goal of the center is to develop exhibits ( Forgotten image exhibition Currently active mainly in black athletes), educational programs, cultural events.

Able Arts Work

Able Arts Work Use creative art therapy to help adults and children with disabilities with students at risk.

Since 1982, nonprofits have provided music and art therapy to adults, and in recent years have expanded their services to school-age children.

The organization is currently running an “A Home of Our Own” campaign. It aims to raise $ 2 million to buy a Long Beach building that acts as a permanent space.

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