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Long Beach has written 11 citations for those who violated the city’s mask obligations • Long Beach Post News – Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California 2021-05-28 13:52:19 –

According to a memo created by Oscar Ocy, director of Long Beach Development Services, all mask citations went to companies found by city officials whose employees were not wearing masks.

On Long Beach, mask quotes include fines starting at $ 100, but issued to individual companies, according to city development services spokesman Rick de la Torre, including code enforcement. It could escalate to $ 500 depending on the number of citations made ..

According to De La Torre, 124 citations were spread throughout the city, and no further citations were made in any particular area. Violations include everything about the city’s health order, other than wearing masks, from restaurants not properly spacing tables to stores that exceed capacity limits.

Health orders allow Long Beach officials to file civil charges and even prosecute those who violate them for misdemeanor charges. As a last resort, authorities can even arrest or imprison violators under the authority of the order, but enforcement has been eased at Long Beach.

The city did not begin implementing mask obligations until the city council demanded it in early December. Former lawmaker Genie Pierce said at a meeting on December 8 that her voters wanted execution.

“They want to feel safe and the city takes the mask obligations seriously,” Pierce said in December.

Prior to the request, the city was handing out masks and taking an educational approach, said city manager Tom Modica.

Pierce’s request was due to a surge in infection rates in the city in early December. According to city data, the city reported 665 COVID-19 cases on 8 December and 1,126 cases on 29 December.

Force Health order However, it can be complicated. The city can issue civil fines and subpoenas, but only police officers are allowed to quote misdemeanors or even ask someone for identification.

Those who refused to show identification limited the number of citations a city could issue to individuals rather than businesses, Orci said in a memo.

To further complicate the process, Pierce and other members of the council urged long beach police officers not to participate in the city’s enforcement mechanism.

Instead, the city created a venue task force consisting of law enforcement, environmental health, and business-licensed employees.

To determine exactly how to enforce that obligation, Long Beach investigated other cities. Fines of $ 25 to $ 2,000 were imposed. However, many did not issue citations and public education. And focused on the distribution of masks.

The city of Glendale published 182 citations, but not in big cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, and Irvine.

In contrast, Beverly Hills issued more than 600 citations for $ 500 each. According to Orci’s memo, the Beverly Hills code enforcement team was able to avoid people refusing to show their identities by issuing citations using license plates.

The city’s hottest health regulation enforcement involved rebelling against the city and involving restaurants that were open for eating out services during the peak of the pandemic. Restoration, a cafe on 4th Avenue, fought in a city court. Closed last month. It is unknown how many of the 124 citations were directed exclusively to Restauration. The city repeatedly quoted the restaurant, stating that it eventually filed at least 20 charges of misdemeanor.

According to the memo, in addition to a total of 124 citations throughout the city, the Task Force completed 18,553 educational visits and conducted 22,673 inspections.

“In general, we have adhered to the requirement to wear a face cover during the pandemic, and we have dealt with venues that did not comply through the code enforcement process with the responsible venue owner.” Orci wrote in a memo.

Orci said the city will continue to implement mask obligations indoors where needed, but will do so elsewhere due to changes in guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for vaccinated people. That is “very unrealistic”.

A representative of the city’s Department of Health and Human Services could not comment on the possibility of future city masking regulations.

The CDC announced last month: Most Americans didn’t have to wear a mask in most outdoor environments He said that vaccinated people do not have to wear masks in many indoor and outdoor environments.

Governor Gavin Newsom said this month in California June 15th, mask obligations will be abolished “Avoid such large and large indoor convention events that use common sense,” Newsom told Fox 11, as he can go without a mask in most situations. ..

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