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Long Beach police reached settlement in proceedings claiming to have broken a woman’s arm – Press Telegram – Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California 2021-01-15 22:36:01 –

A 23-year-old woman with a mental illness suffered a fracture of her arm requiring surgery in a preliminary settlement with the city of Long Beach in a confrontation with police in 2019 and received $ 47,000.

The settlement of the Makoia Rogers proceedings outlined in court documents filed by plaintiffs’ lawyers requires the approval of Judge Daniel S. Murphy of the Los Angeles Superior Court at a hearing scheduled for February 5. is. Plaintiff’s consent is required. Mental state.

Rogers was 22 years old as of June 18, 2019, and was in an encounter with police according to a proceeding filed on August 26 by her mother, Masha Coles, who is not her own plaintiff. The proceedings alleged civil rights infringement, negligence, use of batteries and excessive force, and sought unspecified damages.

According to the proceedings, the presence of police officers, coupled with trying to take Rogers out of her house against her will, “was an apparently mentally helpless woman exercising her right to stay in her house. It was a militaristic, menacing and threatening reaction to. ” He claimed that the police’s response to the request for help was “totally unreasonable and terribly mistreated from start to finish.”

According to the proceedings, Rogers was known to some LBPD officers from a previous domestic uproar at his home in Long Beach, and she was “a mentally incompetent black woman who was treated and dosed by a doctor. “.

Coles attributed her daughter’s irrational behavior of yelling and acting aggressively to the worn-out drug, but did not believe she would threaten someone’s safety, the proceedings said. Says.

On the night of the incident, Rogers’ relatives turned to police for help with her aggressive behavior, and two police officers were sent to her home. Rogers was surprised by the presence of the police officer, but according to the proceedings, she worked together to give them the information they requested.

Coles arrived later and told police that his daughter’s behavior was due to a drug change and that it was okay to board to calm down, but police detained Rogers and took him to the hospital for psychiatry. The evaluation, which claimed to go, says the proceedings.

Rogers told officers she didn’t want to go to the hospital, but they had a state welfare and institutional code to take her out of her home because she was dangerous to herself or others. Refused to leave through and began efforts, the proceedings state.

Rogers was not dangerous, and police had never summoned a mental health expert to assess her state of mind, according to a lawsuit claiming that “the situation was escalated.”

After being handcuffed in a police car, Rogers was able to remove the restraint. One of the police officers tried to detain her again by pulling her left arm back despite her resistance and breaking her limbs in front of a spectator on the scene, the proceedings said.

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