Long Beach School Safety Officer Shooting A Teenager Charged For Murder | Los Angeles

California officials have filed a murder charge against a former school security officer who fatally shot an unarmed 18-year-old girl. This is a rare prosecution of a police officer’s on-duty murder.

A lawyer in the Los Angeles area announced on Wednesday that Eddie Gonzalez, a school officer at Long Beach, was facing a murder after shooting a car near high school on September 27. Impressive 18-year-old Manuela Rodriguez.. Passing by Mona and having a five-month-old boy, the teenager was taken to the hospital and put on a life support system a week later before he died.

According to the District Attorney’s Office, Gonzales was patrolling the area near Millican High School south of LA when he observed a quarrel between Rodriguez and another teenage girl. Rodriguez then boarded the backseat of a nearby car, and Gonzales fired a pistol at the car.

Mobile phone video footage disseminated on social media appeared to indicate that police officers were firing when the car was escaping.

“It’s the beginning of family justice,” Rodriguez’s family lawyer, Luis Carrillo, told the Guardian. “But it doesn’t eliminate the immense pain they live in every day. It can’t eliminate that pain.”

The Long Beach Board of Education dismissed Gonzales a week after the killing and said police violated the school’s safety bureau policy. Its “use of force” policy states that police officers “must not fire at fleeing persons,” “must not fire at moving vehicles,” and “the situation ultimately justifies the use of firearms.” You must not fire through the window of the vehicle unless you do. ” “Defense measures,” the district said in a statement.

More and more US law enforcement agencies Passed policy We ban shooting on moving vehicles and recognize that firing on vehicles can endanger the general public.

“We must take responsibility for those who are in a trusted position to protect us,” LA District Attorney George Gascón said in a statement issuing the accusations. “This is especially true for the armed staff we have traditionally relied on to get to and from school and to protect our children at school.”

Gascon, who was elected last year, campaigned with a promise to prosecute officers for excessive force and unjustified killings. There are few police officers in LA Indicted for murder..

After the shooting last month, supporters wondered why police officers were involved in off-campus issues. A school district spokesman said at the time that the officer “worked both on and near the campus.” [to] Make sure that you ensure that your students attend school safely, and that your officers are on duty and that you are conducting safe attendance for students graduating from Millican High School.

The district told Guardian last month that it had hired nine full-time school safety officers and two part-time officers.

Supporters across the country are increasingly campaigning to remove armed police from schools and reinvest their funds in programs and services for students such as counselors and social workers.Long Beach activist to police officer Evicted from a local school Before the murder of Rodriguez.

Long Beach City is also Racial equality report Last year, we recommended the school district to “reduce the use of school police” and “consider alternative models.”

Carilo was grateful that the shooting was captured by a cell phone camera and questioned whether he would have been charged without it.

He said he hoped the tragic killings would lead to reforms. “When such a horrific thing happens, it moves the needle … Armed officers around the children should never be forgiven.”

It was unclear if Gonzales had a lawyer and could not be contacted immediately. He was arrested Wednesday and charged with first-class murder. According to the LA Times.. He will face a prosecution on Friday.

Long Beach School Safety Officer Shooting A Teenager Charged For Murder | Los Angeles

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