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Long Covid Patients Face Prolonged, Anxious Risks, Studies Find

“We are dealing with silos,” said Dr. Mylonakis. “Every time there is a transfer, something is lost. Patients lose and it may exacerbate their other long Covid symptoms.”

For example, “if I’m an endocrinologist, I look at blood sugar levels, but not the other 14 systems,” he said. “But the blood sugar problem may be due to the weakness and fog that this person can’t go to the supermarket to get healthy food and order pizza.”

Dr. Milonakis said that frustration and confusion for patients outside the system may be better because the unified nature of the veterans system may actually improve care coordination and sharing of patient information among specialists. He said it could add considerable stress to exacerbate their symptoms.

Still, the long-term Covid complexity is abundant within the veterans system.

“I have patients who get out of bed for 10 minutes to prepare a salad, but they are so tired that they can’t eat it and are tired of putting together a small salad,” Al said. -Dr. Aly said.

Studies have shown that survivors of Covid are more likely to be taking a variety of medications due to emerging health problems, including opioids.

Dr. Al-Aly and his co-authors Yan Xie and Benjamin Bowe at Washington University in St. Louis also analyzed the records of 13,654 patients hospitalized for the first coronavirus infection. Not surprisingly, they have the highest risk of long-term complications for the most ill, that is, those in need of intensive care, followed by those who are admitted to a regular ward and those who have never been admitted. I found that.

Nonetheless, virtually all categories of symptoms, from chest pain to shortness of breath, diabetes and weakness, have been experienced by at least some people who have never been hospitalized.

Long Covid Patients Face Prolonged, Anxious Risks, Studies Find

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