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Longford Town beaten by St Pat’s and stuck at the bottom of the table – New Orleans, Louisiana

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In fact, St. Pat should have won more because of the advantages they enjoyed and the opportunities they created.

There may have been a break in the middle of the season, but that’s the same story Longford They are now at the bottom of the table after Waterford won a shocking victory over Dundalk on Friday night.

The town is struggling to score because it can’t stop making concessions. They created very little throughout the game and their goals came from the penalty spots.

St. Pat dominated the first half, but had to wait up to 41 minutes to start scoring. John Mountney’s corner was skillfully headed to the net by Robby Benson.

Townkeeper Lee Stacey has blocked St. Pat many times. He made a great save to deny Paddy Barrett in the 4th minute and Ronan Coughlan’s free kick was brilliantly saved by the Longford goalkeeper in the 10th minute.

Barrett gave the visitor a lot of chances in the first half, but Alfie Lewis and Matty Smith were trying to break the deadlock before the visitor finally scored.

Longford was confused and dismembered, and in the first half created nothing to annoy St. Pat. They had a hard time getting it, and when they did, they handed out the balls cheaply many times.

In the second half of the second minute, Town was penalized after Alfie Lewis fouled Rob Manly in the box. Aaron Dobbs didn’t make mistakes from spot kicks to level issues, but the goal didn’t give Longford the momentum they needed.

In the 63rd minute St. Pat returned. Chris Forester’s shot was successfully saved by Stacey, but Matty Smith hit a breaking ball and hit it home.

Smith was supposed to get a second every 71 minutes, but a few minutes later he focused on the bar while Barrett was allowed an off-target free header.

It’s all one-way, telling the tragic story of Longford, where Ronan Cofran finished a cross to the net at Dollarg Burns in the 81st minute and had won only one of 15 games so far on his top flight of the season. I completed it.

Town will face Dundalk at Oriel Park next Friday night, followed by a match against fellow fighter Waterford at Bishopsgate on Monday, June 21st.

Longford Town: Lee Stacy; Aaron McDonnell, Aaron O’Driscol, Mick McDonnell, Paddy Kirk. Aodo Durvin, Dean Sambra, Aaron Robinson; Dylan Grimes, Rob Manly, Aaron Dobbs.

submarine:- Callum Thompson for Grimes (halftime); Robinson’s Deanburn (69 minutes); Connor Davis for Dobbs (76 minutes); Manly’s Aaron McCabe (84 minutes).

St. Patricks Athletic: Viteslav Jaros; John Mountney, Paddy Barrett, Lee Desmond, Ian Birmingham. Alfie Lewis; Billy King, Robby Benson, Chris Forester, Matty Smith. Ronan Cofran.

submarine:- Dollarg Burns for King (64 minutes); Forrester’s Ben McCormack and Smith’s Jason McClelland (90 minutes).

Referee: Derek Tomny (Dublin).

Longford Town beaten by St Pat’s and stuck at the bottom of the table Source link Longford Town beaten by St Pat’s and stuck at the bottom of the table

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