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“They would have fallen and landed on concrete,” a first responder told Good Morning America.

Austin, Texas — Fortunately, a group of boaters are alive after Friday. Narrow rescue at Longhorn Dam Thursday afternoon at Lake Ladybird.

One 911 caller said the boat was “just above the dam” and about one-third of the boat was hanging. Another said the boat seemed to be crossing the dam.

KVUE confirms that four women have rented a boat Retro boat rental, 74 on Trinity Street. Good morning, America (GMA), a woman turned to the owner for help, Austin Police Department Lake Patrol Unit He said the boat was too strong.

“The victim’s boat was hanging in the middle of the dam, another boat was tied to them and basically kept them where they were. That boat was enough to escape the dam. I didn’t have the power. I fell. ”

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With Commander Joshua Todd Austin-Travis County EMS Special operations Told to GMA A small shift can make a disastrous difference.

“Our main concern was that it was so unstable on a very narrow piece of concrete that changes in weight balance and water flow could take over,” Todd said. I am.

Smith explained that the position of the boat hanging above the dam would have made it difficult for the second boat to help, even if the flow was not very strong.

“He was basically attaching a line from the boat to the handle on the side of the boat. Usually the front of the boat is a great place to hook. But it … was hanging on the edge of the dam. So I couldn’t access it. ”

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However, the fact that the recent rainfall caused spillways to open and strong currents made rescue even more difficult.

“We didn’t want to get too close to the back of the boat because of the situation they were in. Any awakening could have helped them get over it,” Smith said. Told to GMA.. “So he [the driver of the second boat] Already had a good and strong connection line installed, I pulled it up next to the secondary boat, tied the line to his boat and then pulled it like a train. I think we were at the forefront. I pulled it from the dam to a safe place, then disconnected and reconnected to the main victim’s boat. “

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Had the boaters crossed the dam, they would have encountered more than just rushing water.

“Basically, after crossing the dam, there is hard concrete underneath, so they would have fallen and landed on the concrete,” Smith said. “So I think they are very lucky to be here and alive today.”

Through the work of the crew of ATCEMS, APD and STAR flights, all boaters were finally safely drawn.

On Friday, APD proudly acknowledged Lake Patrol policemen Bradley Smith, Mark Bozik, and Jesus Spérez, who were instrumental in rescuing the boat.

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Longhorn Dam Austin boat rescue: First responders speak out Source link Longhorn Dam Austin boat rescue: First responders speak out

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