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Longtime Atlantic Avenue businessman: ‘We’re witnessing the deterioration’ of the VB resort strip ‘before our very eyes’ – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach, Virginia 2021-10-25 17:21:58 –

Virginia Beach, Virginia (WAVY) —Three major events leave Virginia Beach City. Each quotes different reasons, but they are still gone: Rock and Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon, NS Something at the water music festival, And recently Patriotic festival..

Even Mayor Bobby Dier, one of Virginia Beach’s most noisy cheerleaders, admits that the departure of COVID-19 and Something in the Water has lost momentum.

There are also frustrated business leaders like Richard Maddox.

“I think we’re left with the resort. It’s no exaggeration to say that we’re literally witnessing the deterioration and collapse of the resort strip in front of us,” Maddox said. ..

Maddox complained in an interview at his home in Virginia Beach.

“I think there’s a lot of despair on Atlantic Avenue that we really don’t know where we’re heading,” said an Atlantic Avenue businessman. “No one is in control, and there is no master plan.”

Since 1947, the Maddox family has been doing business on Atlantic Avenue.

He immediately showed the family’s first Dairy Queen in 1949 and is 17 years old today.NS The country’s highest-selling streets and Atlantic Avenue,

“We lost all senior and middle management in the city. We lost the mayor. We lost all assistant city managers,” he said. “We lost us Chief of Police.. I lost my zoning administrator. “

Maddox is also a former Virginia Beach City Council member.

Maddox is not happy. He has experience running successful businesses in resort areas, city councils, and he has a lot to say.

Virginia Beach’s biggest problem, he says, is the turnover of staff who rob the memory and history of creating toxic bureaucracy.Farrell also recently used this term “Toxic” when describing the energy of a city..

“The culture we had as a resort, the culture of getting things done, the culture of developing and evolving the products people wanted, was lost,” Maddox said.

Maddox knows that cultural change was undoubtedly one of the reasons patriotic festivals followed the path to Norfolk.

“We used to be a city that had the spirit of reaching out to patriotic festive events, facilitating things and saying,’What do we need to do to make it happen?'” … we aren’t doing that anymore, “he said.

Maddox points out that 10 On Your Side has seen a text message from Patriotic Festival organizer Ira Agricola expressing frustration associated with a special event.

“Virginia Beach special event permits include public security, public works, EMS, firefighting and all departments,” Agricola announced on Monday, October 18th, that the patriotic festival will move to Norfolk. Said in the signature.

Virginia Beach was too bureaucratic and too difficult, he said. A “no” city, not a “yes” city.

“We will hold these meetings, and we wanted to make it more give-and-take, but in many cases it wasn’t,” Agricola said.

After hearing the story, Maddox said it shouldn’t be too difficult.

“They don’t need the obstacles of non-stop bureaucratic obstacles, whether it’s firefighters or many others,” he said.

WAVY’s Regina Mobley last week asked Mayor Dyer if the cancellation of Something in the Water was certain.

“Is something in the water dead in the water?” She said.

Dier replied immediately: “For now.”

Dier admitted to 10 on your side that Virginia Beach had lost momentum after Farrell canceled something at the Water Festival.

“We will be known as its comprehensive welcoming community. There is a lot to do to build some bridges,” Dier added.

I read the Maddox quote.

“Well, what did I take so long? We’ve been doing these discussions for a couple of years now. I want to see the certificate rather than hear the words,” Maddox said. ..

Dier continued.

“Whatever perception there is, we will overcome it and not only survive, but prosper,” Dier said.

Maddox also responded to the Dier’s quote.

“We obviously don’t have that national reputation, and I don’t see anything positive happening to change it,” he said.

This will take you to the newly appointed Virginia Beach City Councilman’s Lynnwood branch.

“This should give us the opportunity to really reassess the entire program,” Brunch told WAVY, referring to the defeat of the patriotic festival.

Maddox points out that he wants to see something aggressive and we may have seen something that fits that explanation.

When the city of Norfolk was signing a new agreement with the Patriotic Festival, Branch was looking for new options to complement the signature. Virginia Beach Sports Center Success..

“I’m here because there are obviously some remaining events and there are some holes to fill in now. Our event contractor is here today, and we’re here to fill it. We’ll talk to them about what we can do … to match the schedule of the sports center and the schedule of city festivals and public events. Then we’ll start by filling in new events to fill the holes, “he said. Told.

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Longtime Atlantic Avenue businessman: ‘We’re witnessing the deterioration’ of the VB resort strip ‘before our very eyes’ Source link Longtime Atlantic Avenue businessman: ‘We’re witnessing the deterioration’ of the VB resort strip ‘before our very eyes’

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