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Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) — Teachers from southern Arizona to Mexico travel to Jonathan’s educational resources in Tucson to purchase classroom equipment.

After working as a teacher in Tucson, owner Jonathan Katz wanted to help make their lives easier. He opened the store in 1987 and is now a unique source for teachers in Tucson and beyond.

“I’ve met people who were here when the store opened 34 years ago, and they’re still coming in,” Katz said. “They are coming. Their kids are teachers and we could see them growing up in the store while they were shopping. It’s amazing.

“I think it’s a big achievement,” Katz added. “For myself, for my wife Marcia, we have overcome good and evil. And it’s almost good. We love our customers. Our customers mean the world to us. increase.”

Those customers come back in search of toys, books, and other items to interact with students and decorate the classroom.

“If they are looking for materials to educate their children, we have it,” Katz said. “We have something to strengthen, something to enrich and challenge our children.”

Teachers say it’s hard to find similar collections elsewhere.

“They always have exactly what I’m looking for in the classroom,” said Lisa Smith, a kindergarten teacher at Santa Clara Elementary School.

“As a primary teacher, this is ideal,” said Michel Verdugo, a freshman teacher at Safarita Elementary School. “In the first grade, you can find something like a book. I’m really excited because there are so many sensory toys that I find really great. I have children with autism, but they. I think some of the items are really great for him. “

This year Non-profit Tucson Value Teacher Chooses Jonathan As a store where 2,500 South Arizona teachers can use a $ 50 gift card.

“I was so happy this year that they chose Jonathan to come here and shop,” Smith said. “And I love the fact that they are a local company, and whenever you come looking for something here if you don’t have it, they make sure it’s for you You will get it. “

Katz says he makes his own deliveries to friends at a local school, and their personal relationships have made this successful practice possible.

“I miss the friendship I was teaching, the break room and the teacher’s lounge,” Katz said. “I really succeeded with it. And this is the second best thing for me. That is, it’s just a gift to me because there are so many friendships from the people who come in. “

Katz acknowledges the work of his wife and employees who worked hard to make this practice possible. He expects the store to remain open for the foreseeable future, even after more than 30 years.


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