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Dear Lucy,

I did everything in the sun to meet a man in this town, and in vain. I go to the bar on a regular basis, send drinks to people, be friendly to the people sitting around me, flirt, introduce myself and introduce the rest. I went to different types of bars of all kinds to meet another guy. I’ve always been to meet different types of people of all ages at different times, and I think I’m a pretty nice person. I have no luck. I can’t see it. I’m trying to understand what I’m doing wrong.


Invisible Edward

Dear Eddie,

You are in the right place, darling. I’m Cupid, your dream cheese head. The bar scene doesn’t seem to work well, so Mr. Book the bar for fun, not for finding Right.

I’m thinking of trying to meet people elsewhere. Check out the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center and consider joining one or two groups. Maybe contact the LGBTQ + book club or your local theater company. Similarly, see what volunteer opportunities are there.

Love often finds people when they don’t see it, so don’t pay too much attention to finding love and see what happens if you focus a little more on what you are.

Lucy’s social calendar

September 22 — This is a drug review for people over the age of 18 (418 E. Wells St.): Baylee IJ Diamond presents this review to anyone over the age of 18. Her “Trans Showcase” promises to knock down the house at 10:30 pm, equipped with the best sound system, dance floor and video display in the city. There is no cover, but kids, be sure to bring your ID, knowing that the college ID will not cut it at the door.

September 24-September 26-Harvest Fair at State Fair Grounds (640 S. 84th St.): For many, autumn simply cannot arrive early enough. If you are one of those people (I know I am!), Scoop up this salute for all of the fall. Food, entertainment, vehicles and more are waiting for you. Don’t miss the autumn-themed marketplaces and games. This is a family event, but when the sun goes down things get a little more mature. That’s when the beer and bar stations hopping and the band cranks up the song. Always great time, admission is free.look For time, entertainment schedule, etc.

September 25-Saturday drug brunch garage (1709 N. Arlington Place): Do you like garages? Do you like hi-hats? How about the fun of Brady Street in combination with a drug show? Start your weekend deliciously with this drug brunch that will add a smile to your feet in spring. The door opens at noon showtime at 11am, so get there early enough to grab the larvae, mimosa and honey!

September 25-Saturday at Hunty’s Social Club (734 S. Fifth St.): Check out Hunty’s lanai when attending this Saturday’s cocktail party featuring a $ 10 Smirnoff mini pitcher. Drug Diva’s Loretta Lovely and Mercedes-Benzowa promise to have a great time at the 2-7 pm party.

September 26-Oktoberfest in St. Augustine (2530 S. Howell Ave.): Who doesn’t want to tip back the frosty Stein during the good old Oktoberfest? (Sure this girl!) Get Lederhosen and get ready for live music, raffle, games, and lots of German food. The annual bash begins at 12:15 pm with a traditional beer blessing. (No lie! It’s real!)

September 26-Rooftop Tea Dance at Hamburger Mary’s (730 S. Fifth St.): Get Mary’s infamous (and delicious) sweet tea mini pitcher in Bash at the end of this month. The madness begins at 3 pm and continues until 7 pm at the rooftop bar where all of Milwaukee speaks.

September 29-Bomb Theater Season Preview Gala Fundraising at Inspiration Studio (1500 S. 73rd St.): Experience everything the Bomb Theater offers at this 6:30 pm gala. Cocktails, appetizers, performances and silent auctions are great ways to celebrate this exciting new company.Join the fun with a $ 50 ticket available at

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