Los Angeles hotel workers fight for panic button in sexual harassment | California

Sonia Molina Sanchez worked as a housekeeper for 10 years at the celebrity hotspot hotel Chateau Marmont. I will never forget the night when I was sexually harassed by the guests.

“I knocked on the guest’s door and went in, but as soon as I got in, something went sick,” Molina Sanchez said. “The guest was lying in bed as if he was going to sleep. I looked back at him, and when I saw him, he was staring at me while masturbating. I violated and felt really anxious and completely shocked. “

She reported the incident to management, but did nothing. Guests were allowed to stay at the hotel.

Molina Sanchez was fired at the beginning of the pandemic and is still waiting to be recalled to her job. She is one of many hotel workers in Los Angeles and defends the entire city. Ballot petition It will require hotel workers to be safe, limit workload, set wage standards and extend worker retention rules.

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, hotel workers Finding Because the hotel provides workers with a panic button to protect them from sexual harassment and assault on work. The Voting Initiative requires that all hotels in Los Angeles have panic buttons and, like the ordinance, security guards on-site to answer calls from workers. passed it In some of the surrounding cities.

“At that time, if I had a panic button, I could have pressed it and got the help I needed. But I didn’t have it, [because] It wasn’t offered to me, “she added.

Chateau Marmont’s 33-year-old housekeeper, Martha Moran, is still waiting to get back to her job and is making a pending claim against the hotel. State-wide recall ordinanceShe also says she experienced sexual harassment at work.

“Guests have had the experience of trying to use me, hugging, kissing, and sleeping with me. We need to protect what the panic button offers,” Moran said. “It’s getting harder and harder for me to get over the pandemic. I devoted 33 years to the hotel.”

A spokesman for Chateau Marmont said the hotel is currently offering housekeepers panic buttons, but did not specify when they were brought in. It works so far.

They added in an email: “We do not tolerate employee abuse and take all claims of harassment seriously.”

According to UniteHereLocal 11, a union representing more than 32,000 workers in the hospitality industry, a petition filed with the City of Los Angeles to qualify for a November vote has more than 100,000 signatures. There is a record of the ballot petition. In the Los Angeles area. The union wants the Los Angeles City Council to adopt the initiative in place of the ballot amendment.

The initiative will also extend the minimum wage requirement $ 17.64 per hour From hotels with more than 150 rooms to hotels with more than 60 rooms, limit the daily workload assigned to housekeepers in square feet.

“Our decision as a union to drive this initiative was to make a better economic recovery on the needs of workers, not the desires of the company,” said Kurt Petersen, co-president of Unite Here Local 11.

According to Petersen, the hospitality industry received Many workers lose work, income, or working hours, and hotel executives Millions of dollars salary.. He also said that several hotel companies used pandemics to dismiss workers, rehire new low-wage, non-senior workers, and cut labor costs through headcount reductions.

“Workers need to get back to work, justice, safety, and safety,” he added.

In response to the pandemic, many hotels have abolished the daily room cleaning of guests, which hotel workers have criticized – many hotels Maintained these policies It is being implemented to reduce labor costs while increasing the workload of current staff. Voting initiatives will prevent the hotel from implementing a policy that staff do not clean rooms daily.

Christina Velasquez, a four-year housekeeper at the Hilton Garden Inn in Hollywood, said daily room cleaning was cut at the beginning of the pandemic, where hotel rooms were only maintained on the 4th or 5th day. rice field.Hilton executives Publicly commented About their desire to permanently reduce labor costs in the wake of a pandemic.

Velasquez was initially fired for Covid in March 2020 and returned to work in September. She and her colleagues successfully formed a union and received union approval last November.

Belasquez said: “Since Hilton has abolished automatic cleaning, there are days to enter the room and it takes 45 minutes to an hour to clean because it hasn’t been maintained for days. When we serve them every day, it takes 30 minutes. Probably. “

A Hilton spokesperson did not specifically comment on the voting initiative, but said in an email:

“Some guests realize that after check-in someone can feel different levels of comfort when they enter the room, Hilton has the choice and control to request the guest the desired housekeeping service. Will provide. “

Los Angeles hotel workers fight for panic button in sexual harassment | California

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