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Losing hair due to pandemic stress?

By Robert Preidt
Health Day Reporter

Friday, November 20, 2020 (HealthDay News)-Adds stress-related hair loss to many of the problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Recently, a patient with stress-related alopecia has come and said he’s worried about dying earlier this year or is infected with COVID-19, but the effect is up to three months later. Not seen. “Dr. O’Hara Ibaz, a dermatologist at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, said.

“I was disappointed with the patient because the stress was relieved, but the physical symptoms are still happening,” Ibaz said in a hospital news release.

Stress-related hair loss usually occurs more than 3 months after a stressful event. It’s not clear why it takes so long, but experts say the body can prematurely push the hair into the dormant phase of the growth cycle, eventually causing the roots to contract and fall out.

If you have hair loss, it is advisable to see a doctor about thyroid problems and anemia. According to Aivaz, hair loss supplements and time can help if stress is the cause.

“When the trigger is removed and the stress level drops, in most cases hair loss stops spontaneously and the hair follicles are still active and healthy, causing the patient to re-grow hair loss,” she said.

As the pandemic progresses, Aivaz and other dermatologists are increasingly seeking treatment for skin problems caused by hand washing and increased stress.

In addition to hair loss, stress can cause flares of acne, dandruff, and eczema, especially among older people who are more vulnerable to COVID-19 and may be concerned about their health and finances. It is remarkable.

For eczema, she recommends taking a short, lukewarm shower of 10 minutes or less, using unscented soap in the areas most often affected (armpits, groin, feet). But don’t overdo it, she said.

“When your skin is really dry, you can get rid of natural oils with mild soap. Don’t wash anything that is clean,” says Aivaz. “Bubbling soap on your hands to remove the washcloth. The washcloth can also peel off your skin.”

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For more information on stress, see the National Institute of Mental Health.

Source: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, News Release, November 16, 2020

Losing hair due to pandemic stress?

Source link Losing hair due to pandemic stress?

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