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Washington (WDVM) — If you received a COVID vaccine, you also received a card with vaccination status, but what if you suddenly lose your vaccine card?

The first thing you can do in Virginia is to call or go to the place where you received the vaccine to see if you have a record and a copy. If records are not available (for example, if the vaccine is obtained from a high-dose vaccination site), Virginia Health Department Christy Gray said a copy of the vaccination record can be called or contacted online. I have.

“All COVID vaccines administered are reported to the Virginia Immunization Information System, the state immunization registry, which integrates immunization records from multiple sources into one record for each individual.” Said Gray. “And you can print the record from that system.”

She says there is no reason to contact the vaccination registry, as the already prevalent phone lines can be congested if the COVID vaccination card is not lost.

If you lose your card and need a vaccination record, call 866-375-9795 or email VaccineRecord@CDH.virginia.gov.

Recommendations are similar in both Maryland and DC. Before contacting the state vaccination records department, you should first find out where you got the vaccine.

If you are a Maryland resident and have lost your COVID vaccination card, please click this link. Here..

If you are a DC resident, please click Here..

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Lost your COVID vaccine card? Here’s what you can do. Source link Lost your COVID vaccine card? Here’s what you can do.

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