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Metairie, Louisiana (AP) — A gun battle in which three people were killed and two were injured at a Louisiana gun shop …

Metairie, Louisiana (AP) —A gun shop in Louisiana began a shooting range that killed three people and injured two, and started a shooting range when a customer refused to unload weapons, store operators said. Told.

Jefferson parish prosecutor said Jefferson’s 47-year-old Herbert “Noah” Fishbach, Berchas’ 59-year-old Veronica Billiot, and New Orleans’ 27-year-old Joshua Jamal Williams were killed in a gunfight on Saturday. Afternoon at Jefferson Gun Outlet.

Sheriff Joseph Lopinto previously said that after the shooters first attacked the two, several people, both employees and store customers, fired at the shooters inside and outside the building.

The other two were also shot and hospitalized in a stable condition, according to Lopinto.

Muzzle executive Michael Mayer identified Williams as a shooter.

He told Times Picayune / New Orleans Advocate that Williams entered a store outside New Orleans with a gun on Saturday and was asked by a compliance officer to unload.

“I was so excited about the request that I pulled my gun out of my pants and started firing,” Meyer said. He said employees and customers had set fire and “eliminate the threat.”

Meyer also said the investigation was still underway, limiting what could be communicated to the press.

Herbert Fishbach’s wife Nancy also confirmed that he was one of the three killed. She said Fishbach was a special effects expert and an armourer who oversaw the use of weapons in movie sets.

Nancy Fishbach said her husband worked in a gun shop due to COVID-19 restrictions on the film industry. She believes he died to help the people in the store.

“He helped people,” Fishbach said. “He turned backwards for everyone … he didn’t hurt anyone unless they did something wrong.”

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