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Louisiana House fails to override veto of transgender sports bill, falling two votes short | Legislature – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-07-21 15:07:00 –

The Republican House of Representatives, Louisiana, cast 68-30 votes and could not overturn the veto of Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards, who banned transgender athletes from participating in women’s sports.

Voting for Senate Bill 156, two of the 70 required, has hit Republican leaders. Republican leaders called for the first ever veto override session with the aim of overriding the Democratic Governor’s veto over the Transgender and Unauthorized Hidden Carrygan Bills. , Did not get enough votes to override in the State Senate.

Immediately after the vote, the House of Representatives was adjourned. The Senate will not be convened until late in the afternoon.

On the second day of the historic veto override session, all eyes are on the Louisiana House.

House Speaker Clay Shexnader said on Monday that he would be “100% comfortable” and would win a vote to invalidate the transgender sports bill. However, he did not get enough support from Democrats to revoke the veto. The Republican Party has only 68 of the 105 seats.

The failure resulted in a proposal to allow the gun to be hidden and carried without permission after Republicans in the State Senate refused to attempt to override other major legislation in question in the historic session.

The Senate resolved on Tuesday to invalidate the governor of the Transgender Sports Bill, which bans transgender athletes born as men from competing in the sports of girls and women. The Republican Party won 26 votes (the exact number needed) in a rigorous party line vote in the Senate.

However, lawmakers need to get two-thirds of the votes in both meeting rooms to revoke the governor’s veto.

It was not immediately clear whether legislative leaders would continue to try to invalidate the governor with other bills. Schexnayder has determined that House can only take one shot with each bill. That is, the transgender sports bill is dead in the session.

Edwards and his allies were lobbying hard to stop the overriding efforts. Parliamentarians only revoked the governor’s veto twice in recorded history, once in 1991, and most recently in 1993. The Legislature has never held a session specifically aimed at revoking the veto approved by the latest State Constitution nearly half a century ago.

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Recently elected Congressman Laurie Schlegel, R-Metairie, said the argument that SB156 was a bill in search of a problem was unreasonable. Born “around the world” as men, transgender people competing in women’s sports are becoming more and more problematic, she said.

“Respecting biological differences is not discrimination,” Schlegel said, with several senators watching from the side of the room and dozens of spectators packed into the balcony.

However, Democrats point out the fact that transgender girls and women do not play girls and women’s sports in Louisiana. This is largely due to the current rules of the Louisiana High School Athletic Association, which makes it virtually impossible. Recent business and tourism leaders have warned that it will hurt the state’s economy. Because companies and the NCAA have said they will not invest in states that pass discriminatory legislation.

“This iconic law that doesn’t solve the real problem is worth the disastrous economic consequences,” said Royce Dupresis, a New Orleans Democrat. In favor of Edwards’ veto, he added that the SB156 was discriminatory.

Congressman has survived 20 bills that Edwards refused to reach SB156. The rejected action will be returned to the calendar and may occur again on Wednesday.

Voted to veto the transgender sports bill (68): Speakers Schexnayder, Reps Amedee, Bacala, Bagley, Beaullieu, Bishop, Bouriaque, Butler, Carrier, Coussan, Crews, Davis, Deshotel, DeVillier, DuBuisson, Echols, Edmonds, Edmonston, Emerson, Farnum, Firment Gadberry, Garofalo, Geymann, Goudeau, Harris, Hilferty, Hodges, Hollis, Horton, Huval, Illg, Ivey, M. Johnson, Kerner, Mack, Magee, McCormick, McFarland, McKnight, McMahen, Miguez, G. Miller, Minsey, Muscarello, Nelson, Orgeron, C. Owen, R. Owen, Pressly, Riser, Romero, Schamerhorn, Schlegel, Seabaugh, St. Blanc, Stefanski, Tarver, Thomas, Thompson, Turner, Villio, Wheat, Wright, Zeringue.

Voting to maintain veto in SB156 (30): Persons in charge Adams, Brass, Brown, Bryant, R. Carter, Cormier, Duplessis, Freeman, Gaines, Green, Hughes, James, Jefferson, Jenkins, T. Johnson, Jones, Jordan, LaCombe, Landry, Larvadain, Lyons, Marcelle, D. Miller, Moore, Newell, Phelps, Pierre, Selders, Stagni, Willard.

Do not vote (6): Person in charge Carpenter, W. Carter, Cox, Glover, Marino, and White.

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Louisiana House fails to override veto of transgender sports bill, falling two votes short | Legislature Source link Louisiana House fails to override veto of transgender sports bill, falling two votes short | Legislature

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