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Louisiana senators will review State Police rules for use of force in new committee | Crime/Police – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-10-28 13:14:00 –

The Louisiana Senate has set up a special committee to delve into complaints about the use of excessive force by state police after soldiers were recorded in a series of beatings of black men attracting attention from federal agents.

Senator Page Cortez told The Associated Press that he had set up a seven-member advisory board in response to requests from Senators concerned about the behavior of soldiers. He sent a letter to the committee on Thursday officially nominating a member of parliament. Two Senators from Baton Rouge will lead this task. Republican Senator Franklin Foil chairs and Democratic Senator Cleo Fields vice-chairs.

Foil will host the panel’s first meeting in December. He expects the Commission to hear from state police and the general public with the aim of developing strict legal recommendations on the use of force that legislators can consider. He said the review focuses on overall policy, not on specific claims of improper power.

Louisiana soldiers are likely to be the first salvo of a series of investigations into possible civil rights infringement by the federal government …

The Senate Special Committee on State Police Surveillance said, “If there are reports of excessive force that may have been used improperly, what kind of surveillance the State Police are doing and what are the safeguards? We will consider whether we have a good mechanism, “said Foil, a lawyer. A naval officer who served as a military judge.

Cortez requested the Panel to submit a recommendation to the Senate by October 31, 2022.

The Commission is committed to the use of force by the Louisiana police as federal prosecutors scrutinize a series of beatings by soldiers and to protect soldiers involved in Ronald Green’s deadly arrest in 2019. We will investigate whether police brass interfered with the judiciary.

When protests broke out after Alton Sterling was shot dead in Baton Rouge in 2016, Louisiana Police Trooper Karl Cavalier …

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The investigation began as a civil rights investigation into Green’s death. Green’s death was the first police to blame a car accident at the end of a chase near Monroe. However, the prosecutor’s interest then spread to see if the commander violated the law to protect the soldiers seen in other beatings and long-held body camera videos.

Governor John Bel Edwards officials have refused to publish a body camera video of Green’s arrest for more than two years before AP obtains and publishes it this spring.

Green’s death has at least the last decade that AP has discovered that state soldiers or their bosses have ignored or concealed evidence of beatings, distracted blame, and hampered efforts to eradicate illegal activity. It was one of 12 cases.

In the face of increasing pressure on reforms by the Justice Department’s oversight and court orders from the Louisiana Police Department, Colonel Lamar Davis advertised:

It is that action that dozens of current and former state soldiers have told AP that they are part of a culture of impunity, nepotism and, in some cases, complete racism.

Fields, a lawyer who requested the creation of a Senate Special Committee, did not respond to a request for comment. He previously persuaded lawmakers to establish a task force to train law enforcement agencies and study the issue of illegal activity. The Task Force’s proposal calls for new restrictions on the use of strangler fig and knock ban warrants, detailed policies on the use of body cameras, and the need for police agencies to undergo anti-bias training on state grant eligibility earlier this year. It was passed.

Members of the new Senate committee come from all over the state, including the northeastern region of Louisiana, where state police units are at the center of many claims.

Louisiana senators will review State Police rules for use of force in new committee | Crime/Police Source link Louisiana senators will review State Police rules for use of force in new committee | Crime/Police

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