Louisiana Trooper Black Driver Aaron Bowman Beaten In 2019: NPR

A former Louisiana police soldier was charged with civil rights infringement after hitting a black driver 18 times with a flashlight. This is the first criminal case revealed by a federal investigation into the beatings of at least three black male soldiers.

A grand jury on Thursday charged Jacob Braun with a 2019 beating following Aaron Larry Bowman’s broken jaw, broken ribs, and a traffic stop that left a crevice in his head. Brown was charged with one count of deprivations under the color of the law, federal prosecutors said.

Brown’s lawyer, Scott Wallesson, declined to comment.
Bowman’s lawyer, Donesia Banks Miley, called the indictment a “sigh of relief.”

“We just keep hope and trust the process of justice,” she told The Associated Press. “Aaron is very happy and he wants perfect justice.”
Brown’s indictment is when a federal prosecutor in the case beats, stunned, and dragged another black driver, Ronald Green, before he died in custody on a rural roadside. It happens to. Green’s 2019 death investigation has grown to see if police brass has interfered with the judiciary to protect soldiers who beat black drivers after high-speed pursuit.

Body camera videos of both beatings, which took place 20 miles away within three weeks, remained obscured before AP obtained and released them this year. These are 12 cases in the last decade that AP investigations found that soldiers or their bosses ignored or concealed evidence of beatings, distracted blame, and hampered efforts to eradicate fraud. It is one of.

In a statement, the Justice Department previously admitted that the Louisiana police were involved in an open and ongoing criminal investigation into the case that caused the death or personal injury of the arrested. “. “These investigations are ongoing.”

On May night, Bowman was pulled for a traffic violation, and Brown came to the scene after lawmakers forced him out of the car and took him to the ground. Trooper later told investigators that he was “in the area and trying to get involved.”

According to videos and police records, he beat Bowman 18 times with a flashlight in 24 seconds after pulling him for a traffic violation near his home in Monroe. Brown later said Bowman had attacked Congressman, and the blow was “pain compliance” aimed at handcuffing Bowman.

Bowman, 46, isn’t seen in the video of denying hitting someone and violently attacking officers. He is still faced with a list of allegations including police officer batteries, resistance to police officers, traffic violations he was first stopped, and improper lane use.

Brown, 31, failed to report the use of force and mislabeled body camera footage with what investigators described in internal records as “a deliberate attempt to hide the video.” .. State police did not investigate the attack until after 536 days, only after the proceedings from Bowman.

Brown was probably the most violent soldier in Louisiana police in recent years. Records show that he aggregated 23 uses of force up to 2015 (19 for blacks) and faced state accusations in Bowman’s case and two other violent arrests of black drivers. doing.

In recent years, 67% of the use of force has been against blacks, according to Louisiana police themselves. That figure fuels growing calls from civil rights groups and black leaders for the U.S. Department of Justice to begin a “pattern and practice” investigation into potential racial profiling by authorities beyond individual charges. I am.

Colonel Lamar Davis of the state police said earlier this month that he would welcome such an investigation if the ministry deems it necessary, but hopes for an opportunity to fix the ministry’s problems and has already done so.

Louisiana Trooper Black Driver Aaron Bowman Beaten In 2019: NPR

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