Louisville singer born in refugee camp wins Nepal’s The Voice US News

The end of a wonderful journey that began with his birth in a refugee camp Nepala man from Louisville, Kentucky, recently emerged as the champion of Nepal’s version of the singing contest, The Voice.

Karang Rai’s dramatic rise as the South Asian country’s newest singing sensation was documented on Friday Louisville Eccentric Observer Another weekly declared his story “a classic epic of humble beginnings”.

According to Alternate Weekly, nicknamed Leo, Rai was born in 1994 in Patri Moran refugee camp in eastern Nepal. This is one of his two camps left for those fleeing ethnic cleansing for those with roots in Nepal. Bhutan – Another Himalayan country – 1980s.

Birthplace of Rai’s parents Bhutan And they were descendants of the Nepalese who went to work there. However, they ended up in a refugee camp amidst a struggle over speaking and teaching Nepali.

Rai told Leo that his family did not feel accepted as Nepalis at the camp.

“We just had a little house,” said Lai. “We had weekly rations of rice, potatoes, chili, etc., and sometimes we ran out of rations.”

Other countries, including the United States, have begun to provide ways for refugees to emigrate. In 2013, Lai and his family moved to the United States, initially in Seattle, Washington, before moving to Louisville for better educational opportunities.

Lai first showed his talent for singing while in a refugee camp. His idea of ​​joining a reality show always appealed to him, including NBC’s singing contest. The Voiceits 23rd American season, is set to begin in March.

Later, Rai finds out online that the Nepali version of The Voice allows anyone who speaks Nepali to audition to become a contestant. As Leo’s Erica Rucker said.

Leo reported that Rai produced an audition tape showing the range “from hard rock to the delicate falsetto of more traditional Nepali melodies” and submitted it to the show through its website. The producers informed him that he had advanced to the next round and he traveled to Nepal for blind auditions.

Rai spent seven months in Nepal to compete in the show’s fourth season as part of a team coached by Raju Lama, one of the country’s brightest singers with a population of 30 million. .


Karan Rai, of Louisville, Kentucky, competed with the Nepali version of the voice and eventually won in December.

He was crowned champion of the competition in late December and gave a concert with Rama at the Patri Moran Camp, where his life began. He also released his album The Kites and filmed a video for his first single His Changa. Dayahan Raia respected Nepali actor.

“He’s a superstar [the] It’s a Nepali industry at the moment,” Karan Rai told Leo of the actor.

Rai spoke to Leo as he prepared to travel to Australia as part of his deal with Voice of Nepal. The deal calls for him to tour several countries and act as a brand ambassador for the competition.

But first, he flew trophy-in-hand back to Louisville, more than 11,700 miles from Nepal. A small flock of Nepali and Bhutanese residents of Louisville gathered at the city’s airport, which was named after another legendary boxer, the late Muhammad Ali, and hailed him as a hero.

He then performed in his high school gymnasium for a large Nepali and Bhutanese audience in Louisville. The banners at the venue read “Kentucky Nepal American Society” and “Kentucky Bhutan Society”.

“What I’m saying is, no matter where you’re from or what your background is, just focus, just do one thing,” Lai said. “Be passionate about one thing.”

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