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Louisville to clear homeless camps downtown, near airport before Kentucky Derby | News – Louisville/Jefferson County, Kentucky

Louisville/Jefferson County, Kentucky 2021-03-27 06:21:50 –

Louisville, Kentucky (WDRB)-Louisville posted a 21-day notice on Wednesday at several camps trying to clear up more homeless camps before Kentucky Derby.

Some supporters who help people who are experiencing homelessness say it covers the city’s homeless crisis only during one weekend of the year.

Every week, volunteers from The Forgotten Louisville went out to the streets to deliver food and supplies to people without shelters.

“Homeless people don’t just affect downtown Louisville, it’s everywhere in our city,” said founder Tiny Heron Markwell.

The city has posted signs warning that the camp will be removed in mid-April on Adair Street, downtown, around Wayside Christian Missions, and near the airport.

Louisville is trying to get rid of more homeless camps in front of the Kentucky Derby. We posted a 21-day notice on Wednesday at several camps warning that camps will be cleared up prematurely in downtown, around Wayside Christian Missions, and on Adair Street near the airport. -April.

“I know the derby is coming soon. We spend a lot of time trying to make Louisville look really good, but we’re just hiding a really big problem. Homeless in our city There is a crisis, “Heron said. -Markwell visits some of the camps the city clears in three weeks.

“Many of the individuals I talked to were already cleared up from around the corner a few weeks ago, so it’s like kicking someone when they’re already down.”

City leaders explained why they took action at a virtual homeless task force meeting.

“The 21-day notice on Adair Street was actually issued by the state. The state demanded that the camp be cleared,” said Tamekaread, director of the Louisville Metro Resilience & Community Services Office. explained.

According to the city, the site near the airport is on state-owned land. Before deciding whether a camp needs to be cleared, authorities assess the safety risks of people living in and around the camp.

“The wayside location is due to the large amount of feces and defecation … which locks the right of way in the pedestrian walkway,” says Rheard, who says pedestrians walk on the road to get through. He added that he was forced to do so. Encampment.

But every time the camp is cleared, volunteers say it’s harder to service, track people, and replace lost things.

“Everyone thinks it’s very easy. You just get a job and go to a shelter, but there are so many barriers to the road,” said Heron Markwell. “We lack affordable homes. That’s the number one cause of homelessness in our city.”

The Wayside Christian Mission said Wednesday that there were enough beds in the shelter to accommodate about 50 displaced persons.

City council member Bill Hollander raised questions about the city’s actions during the pandemic: “CDC COVID-19 Guidance:” Allowing people living in shelters and camps to stay where they are. I will do it. ” Clearing “may disperse people throughout the community,” “breaks ties with service providers,” and “increases the likelihood of an infectious disease epidemic.”

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Louisville to clear homeless camps downtown, near airport before Kentucky Derby | News Source link Louisville to clear homeless camps downtown, near airport before Kentucky Derby | News

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