“Love me,” Trump pleaded. For many women, it’s too late.

She and her team are particularly proud of their presence on social media. One of the recent viral efforts featured posting a photo of herself on an apron or curler with a Democratic campaign sign while a woman had a cocktail.

Paris and the Democrats want to repeat the strategy of gaining control of the party in 2018 and increase the margins among women in the suburbs of the Swing district.

They have several reasons for optimism. Four years ago, Mr. Trump won 8 percentage points in Ohio. Now, polls show tie competition. Still, Ohio could stay out of reach of Democrats this year. The 2018 strategy was far less successful than elsewhere in the Midwest. The popular incumbent Senator Sherrod Brown was the only Democrat to win across the state. The long-standing swing state has recently become a Republican trend, with many female voters still in favor of the president.

“”Rachel Antonelli, 35, a banker in Delaware, Ohio, who is pregnant with her second child, says, “How can you vote for Trump if you are a woman and what he says about women?” I have heard of. I will vote for Mr. Trump. “Personally, what I care about is that he gets things done for the country... “

The Republican Party has focused on “law and order” since the summer of racial justice protests and national unrest, arousing racial horror, and the only wealthy white family in the increasingly diversified suburbs. By portraying it as a state, he tried to bring back a white suburban woman. .. According to William Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution, whites made up 77 percent of the inner suburbs in 1990. Today they said they were 58 percent.

The women in Columbus are all white, saying that the killing of George Floyd was a significant event in political awakening and drew attention beyond personal scope to the issue of racism and police violence.

“”I’m not going to lie, as I was worried about racism in the United States in February, “said Rabinovic, who has a four-year-old son. “Similarly, I wasn’t.”

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