Love on Black Women Sparks Joy in Community – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-10-18 08:47:35 –

Love on Black Women is committed to a simple yet important mission to bring joy and financial support to black women in Milwaukee. This people-led fund distributes grants to black women of all genders left out of society, as needed. Whether it’s renting, dining or a long-awaited day at the spa, Love on Black Women puts money directly into the pockets of the black community.

“We believe you know what your needs are. We know how much a black woman is doing, that is, how much physical and emotional a black woman is doing. I know if I work well and financially. One of the reasons why it is important for me to focus on the well-being of black women is because we take care of everyone. “Says Shavonda Sisson, founder of Love on Black Women.

Those applying for a Love on Black Women grant do not need to provide proof or follow-up on what they need or how they spend their money. Sisson says this is one of the many reasons why their organization is so unique compared to other nonprofits. She added that seeking evidence is often burdensome and can be very traumatic.

2020 research The Center for Economic Development at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has shown that Milwaukee is the worst city in the country for blacks and their families. According to the survey, the poverty rate of black households in Milwaukee is 33.4%, while that of white households is only 7.1%.

“If we’re helping black women get better, I know we’re helping black families get better,” says Sisson.

Close the income gap

Love on Black Women is working to close the amazing income gap faced by black households in Milwaukee by providing the money black women need to support themselves, their communities and their families. 2020 survey According to a study by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the median black household in Milwaukee is 42 cents per dollar for white households.

In addition to financial support, Love on Black Women also aims to create joy among the black community. Love on Black Women organizers Michaela Lacy, Elle Halo and Tayla Hart provide mental health services to help black companies win more customers and give black women what they want. I want to expand my organization. I can afford it.

Friends shepherd

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“Smiling black women and black non-binary people really, really ignites me,” says Mikaela Lacy. “My personal goal is to have the opportunity to love black women in every way.”

Last year, with donations of more than $ 150,000, the organization recorded the largest funding outcome, but unfortunately Love on Black Women saw a significant drop in donations throughout 2021. Disproportionately This fall of financial support for the love of black women that hit black Americans is particularly devastating.

“What happened last year was that many people were mobilized after George Floyd was assassinated by Minneapolis police. I call them” white guilty dollars. ” I’m really proud of the work done in the meantime, but I don’t think people have returned to the status quo with reduced donations, “says Sisson. “Black suffering doesn’t have to be on your big screen for it to be effective. That need is still here, and Milwaukee’s black women still need help.”

For more information or to support your love for black women Website When Facebook page.. They are currently accepting monetary donations and will focus on Thanksgiving and Christmas fundraising activities in the coming months.

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