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“Love, Victor” star Anthony Kievan weighs the season 2 finale cliffhanger in our exclusive interview. He talked about Victor and Rahim’s “undeniable sparks” and more.

Victor Selected At the end of Love, Victor Season 2, but fans don’t know who he chose However yet. At the finale, Rahim revealed to Rahim his true feelings and they kissed.Victor went to Benji or Rahim’s door at the end of the season, and Hollywood Life Speaked exclusively Anthony Kievan About who Victor thinks he will choose.

“They didn’t tell us anything,” Anthony said. Hollywood Life.. “Of course, I asked the writers. We all did. I was wondering what would happen, but the common theme is not knowing what Victor wants, so the writers also Victor. I think it took me a while to find out where I was on my journey. I think they needed time to curate it, and that was the perfect end moment. In my opinion. I really don’t know. I’m like 50/50. Some of me obviously want him to choose Rahim because I’m a little prejudiced. But my Another part is that I want him to at least talk to Benji, which means that hopefully it’s the result of the person who opened the door. Maybe that’s what happens. But in the end By the way, I want what is best for Victor and what makes him the happiest. “

Michael Cimino and Anthony Kievan’s “Love, Victor” Season 2 (Hulu)

Victor and Benji Had their problems During Season 2, Benji raided after seeing Victor and Rahim dancing together at Harold and Veronica’s wedding. Anthony has revealed why Rahim is now the best person for Victor.

“I think Rahim is a better option at this point,” continued Anthony. “Looking at the interaction between Rahim and Victor, I think there are sparks, charms and excitement that we can’t deny each other. For Benji, it feels like a bit more difficult work. It’s a little difficult to go with him. But there always seems to be a problem. On the other hand, in Rahim it feels a bit more natural. I think Rahim might be a little easier because they are just placed together. “

The third season will reveal whether Victor chose Rahim or Benji. Hollywood Life If Victor chose Benji, Rahim asked Anthony if he would still be friends with Victor.

“That’s a difficult question. I’ve thought about this many times. I think it’s really, really difficult for Rahim to stay friends with Victor,” Anthony admitted. “But in the end, because of Pilar’s relationship with his family, he will wholeheartedly keep it at the level of acquaintances. At the end of the day, he has a relationship with the group and Pilar. You will be able to swallow his pride for. “

Michael Cimino Anthony Kievan
Michael Cimino and Anthony Kevan in the episode “Victor’s Day Off”. (Hulu)

Rahim’s confession of his true feelings to Victor was one of the notable highlights of the second season. Anthony revealed how important the scene was to him.

“The scene was very nice to shoot,” Anthony said. “This was the last scene of the whole Season 2 shoot, so basically it was really, really cool to be the last moment of Season 2 work. I remember being really nervous. Talked to Michael [Cimino] He assured me about it … I came up with it, but remember that after the day and the season, I was really satisfied with my work. I will. It was a really, really emotional and stressful time. I was shooting in the middle of a pandemic and that was the final scene of the whole shoot. It was about 3 o’clock in the morning. It was freezing cold. I absolutely did my best because I wanted everyone to go home happily. “

The· Love, Victor Finale Season 2 keeps things wide open for Season 3. Anthony explained that he wants to explore more of Rahim’s life, especially the journey of meeting his family. “I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t see that side at Rahim’s home this season,” Anthony said. Hollywood Life.. “I wanted to include his backstory and a little more of family life. Fingers crossed for Season 3. In that sense, it’s really fun to play with the characters, such as family dynamics. I think.” Love, Victor Season 2 is currently being streamed on Hulu.

“Love, Victor” Stars Think Rahim is a “Better” Choice for Victor – Hollywood Life

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