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Denver — A police officer who arrested a 73-year-old woman with dementia and handcuffed her to the ground after leaving the store without paying about $ 14 worth of goods last year was put on hold on Thursday. Received. The result of a police investigation into the arrest.

The move took place the day after Karen Garner filed a federal proceeding against the city of Labrand and police officers over the June 2020 arrest. Two other police officers in the proceedings, a backup police officer and a supervisory sergeant, have been reassigned to management positions, according to Labrand police.

“LPD has taken the allegations of the arrest of resident Karen Garner very seriously and has shared concerns with the community about the video images released Wednesday,” the agency said in a statement.

A police body camera video included as part of Garner’s proceedings shows a police officer approaching her while walking in a field along the road last summer when she was picking wild flowers. Is shown.

When he asks why he didn’t stop when he was chasing her in a police car with the lights on, she stretched out her arms and shrugged.

As she turns her back on him and begins to walk away, the video shows a policeman quickly grab one of her arms, place it behind her, and push her 80-pound (36 kilograms) body to the ground. Shows that she is handcuffed She looks confused and repeatedly says, “I’m going home.”

She initially holds the flower in a restrained hand behind her back, the video shows.

When the video shows she’s wondering what’s going on, the officer said, “I told you to stop. I can’t act this way.”

The footage later shows Garner being pressed against the hood of a police car, bending his left arm to the side of his head.

Police officers in the video imply that she is trying to kick him but cannot see her legs. Soon she began to slide towards the ground and the video shows another recently arriving officer screaming. We are not going to detain you! “

Video releases and proceedings take place, especially when police tactics during arrest against blacks are being considered nationwide. Garner and everyone involved in her arrest are white. But her lawyer, Sarah Sielke, said vulnerable people, including people with disabilities, could be exploited by police abusing their powers.

Police said they had not received any complaints about Garner’s arrest before the proceedings were filed. However, body camera footage shows a man who stopped filming the arrest talking to the arrested police officer and later to the sergeant, expressing concern about what he saw. The sergeant talks to a man in the background and tells him, “Just because you didn’t see it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.”

Schielke said the man was a “gaslight” and questioned why everyone in Garner’s family would like to file a complaint in light of the reaction. For her, the sergeant’s reaction, along with lack of training, shows that the culture of the department is a fundamental issue that led to the arrest.

“It’s definitely not just bad apples,” she said.

According to the proceedings, Wal-Mart employees asked Garner to return to the store when he saw the vacation without paying, and brought back items such as sodas, candy bars, T-shirts, and wipe refills. item.

Someone at Wal-Mart called police and reported the direction Garner and she walked, but the proceedings said the store had not suffered any losses. The accusation against Garner was dismissed after the prosecutor wrote in a motion that she “seems to be unable to understand her surroundings and her behavior.”

In a lawsuit seeking unspecified damages, Garner suffered a dislocation of the shoulder, but no one until about six hours after she was arrested when a prison lieutenant realized she needed help. He claims he did not seek medical assistance.

The proceedings allege that the arrest violated her constitutional protection against excessive force, was due process, and violated Americans with Disabilities Act.

According to the proceedings, people with dementia often forget to pay for goods over the counter. Garner also states that he suffers from sensory aphasia, which impairs his ability to convey and understand what others are saying.

In addition to her physical injury, the proceedings allege that Garner experiences fear, trauma, and anxiety every time she leaves home.

“The little freedom and happiness that Garner enjoyed in his life as an elderly person with poor mental health was recklessly and deliberately wiped out by the Labrand police on June 26, 2020,” it said. Told.

Loveland police officer on leave after arrest video of 73-year-old woman with dementia – The Denver Post Source link Loveland police officer on leave after arrest video of 73-year-old woman with dementia – The Denver Post

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