Low-income couple sues Colorado public defender for not taking case – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-10-28 07:51:12 –

A couple in Larimer County first discovered that a public lawyer was too much money to qualify for a publicly funded defense, and then a lawsuit represented them in a criminal case by the Colorado Lawyer’s Office. I hope you will be forced to rethink that.

The proceedings alleged that the public defender’s office mistakenly rejected Dale and Sarah Bullbaker’s application and ignored the state’s rules for assessing the defendant’s finances, instead the public defender’s office. Made a subjective decision to question whether the defendants were treated equally throughout the state.

Dale and Sara Brubaker, 66 and 65, together earn less than $ 3,000 a year. This is a very low income and you must automatically qualify as a public lawyer based on state rules. However, they are not in debt and are worth about $ 125,000 in savings, two vehicles, a Wyoming home and Colorado land totaling $ 338,000. As a result, Larimer County judges determined that they were not poor and needed to hire their own lawyer to mount. Their criminal defense.

“There are some aspects of the financial situation that suspend the court, especially the lack of income, but this is not enough to overcome the extraordinarily large amount of assets owned by the defendant,” Larimer County District Court Laurie said.・ Judge Dean wrote: Brubakers may be sentenced to deny state-funded defense.

According to court records, both Brubakers were charged with felony child abuse, assault, and falsification of evidence in August 2020 for the 2014 case. If convicted, they may face imprisonment of 20 years or more. The couple refused to comment through Christopher Gregory, a lawyer who represents them in the proceedings but is not a criminal case.

Proceedings are easy, but criminal proceedings are complex and expensive. Bullbakers need to provide individual defenses, each of which can cost about $ 100,000, according to estimates submitted to the court by the five lawyers who considered the case.

Low-income couple sues Colorado public defender for not taking case Source link Low-income couple sues Colorado public defender for not taking case

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